Come on down to Pennsylvania

We wont ask Who you worship

The Quaker way

Our founder William Penn jumped at the chance to leave England due to great intoleration in England he hoped to establish a nation where no man is judged by who they are but by who they want to be and any man has a chance at prosperity

Learn from the people

When I was in England I believed that my religion was wrong and that my way of worship was a sin yet once I met William Penn who told me that I could be my own person rather than being who everyone wanted me to be I leapt at the chance to follow my ambitions. Many people believed that this way of thinking was stupid however I’d say they were wrong I have swam and fished with the Erie just one of the many peaceful Native American tribes in the area and unlike most other places who harbor constant fear that the Native Americans would sneak into their homes and slit their throats in the middle of the night I do not I sleep like a baby in this peaceful town. Everyone here is friendly and everybody has a chance to better themselves rather than it being as it was in England where your wealth was determined by your blood meaning that if your father was a shoe maker you’d most likely being a shoe maker no questions asked. Yet in Pennsylvania your dreams are limitless and the sky’s the limit I traded with an Arabian tradesman just simply marvelous.

Resarch From

OF the people Vol. 1 pg. 93