I Will Understand Risk Managment and insurance


Health Insurance covers your hospital bills incase, your regular medical insurance which covers fees for nonsurgical care given in the doctors office, the patients home, or hospital, and also covers cost of extended and specialized care out of the hospital such as medicine and special nursing care. Health insurance also covers your dental insurance which includes deductible and coinsurance to reduce the cost of premiums, covers examinations, X rays, cleaning and filling,dental injuries ressulting from accidents.Term life Insurance provides financial prtection from losses resulting from a dealth during definite period of time (term). least expensive form of life insurance. only life insurance that is purely life insurance without savings and investments.Permanent Life Insurance, last a lifetime as long as premium is paid. builds cash value through an investment feature. part of the premium paid is used for insurance that provides protection. the insurance invest part of the premiumGroup Life Insurance covers a group of people that work togather, offers term insurance . employer offers coverage hrought employer. individual is covers by their employer.