Celebrity Conversation

Littlebirdtales.com Project: digital online audiobook

NJ CCCS: 1) 7.1.NM.B.4, 2) 7.1.NM.B.5, 3) 7.1.NM.C.1, 4) 7.1.NM.C.4

1) Ask & respond to simple questions, ....using memorized words & phrases;
2) Exchange info. using words, phrases, and short sentences....other content areas;
3) Use basic info. ....to create a multimedia rich presentation...language audience;
4) Present info from age & level appropriate....orally or in writing.

SLO for this project:

I (student) can create a brief conversation between two celebrities implementing basic phrases I've practiced in class: give a greeting then introducing oneself and asking for his/her name, inquiring about someone's birthplace and current residence, then finally taking one's leave from each other.

Audio recording of dialogue

Students also had to record themselves reciting the dialogue they created for their two celebrities. Students were responsible for researching background information to include in their projects. Background information had been comprised of the SLO criteria mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

Little Bird Tales Project checklist

Final grade based on the following criteria:
1) images provided for page insertions; 2) greeting provided; 3) correct question & response given for each person; 4) leave-taking statement provided; 5) good pronunciation supplied for audio recording; 5) proper spelling & grammar observed