2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

It's good to be back! :) Remember that next week is a short week, with Friday being an unused snow day day. That is also the date for our rescheduled golf outing from Dinner Dance, for those of you who signed up for that! :)

~Mrs. White

Spelling Assignment Details!!

Same assignment as lask week!
- Write a paragraph using any four of the words.
- ABC order the entire list
- Find four words in a book that make the oo sound. They can be vocabulary words, or any other words, that use the oo or ew to make the oo sound. Students should write down the sentence, and the book / page number.

Assignment due Wednesday as usual! :)

This week in ELAR

We read a story about spadefoot toads in the desert. Our story used lots of onomatopoeia, so we tried using some in our writing this week!

Students may have come home and told you that I had asked them not to read any more Wimpy Kid or diary-style books. Please note, that what I meant was that they should not really only those. I have several students who are reading primarily those books, and they are beginning to carry that writing style over into their assignments. My recommended ratio is no more than 1 in 10 books or so.

This week in Math - TIME!

We've started our unit on Time. This unit, as well as the previous one on money and financial literacy, are really great ones for you to develop and reinforce at home. An analog watch or clock is a great place to start!! You can tell your student when something will happen, and make them figure out how long it will be until that time. The ability to manipulate one's understanding of time is important, and this real-world practice is the best way to develop that! Thanks for your help!!

This week in Science!

We've begun our unit on weather - and this week we talked about the different ways scientists measure weather. We don't say it's hot or cold, but we use a thermometer to record the temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit!). Then we learned about wind, and your students should have all brought home their anemometers to show you! They did a great job following the fairly complex instructions, and learned about tools to measure wind. Plus, 'anemometer' is a really fun word to say!

Many thanks to those who sent in dixie cups!

Our new class pets

Welcome to our new class pets - 5 sweet little caterpillars who will become Painted Lady butterflies within the month or so. We are looking forward to watching the butterfly life cycle in action! :) Students were very excited to watch the caterpillars eat today! :)

This week in Religion

We wrapped up our Easter season booklets this week, and our Saint of the Week was St. Vincent Ferrer. Next week we'll be getting more into the concept of Free Will, and will start to delve into the doctrine of transubstantiation in preparation for First Communion. Never a dull moment in 2B!!