E. Binney & H. Smith

The Inventors of Crayons

History of "Binney & Smith" Color Company

All the way back in 1880, Joseph Smith, along with his son Edwin Binney and nephew Harold Smith, set up headquarters of their business in New York City. Five years later, Joseph retired, and Edwin and Harold formed a partnership, naming their business, Binney & Smith.

Their initial crayon product started as red oxide pigment used in barn paint and carbon black used in car tires. They then decided that they needed a more safe, affordable wax, and soon later, the partnership released their first box of eight crayons, selling them only for a nickel. The name, Crayola, was thought of by Edwin Binney's wife, Alice.

The business soon began to grow once their product activity and color line increased. In fact, in 1961, Binney & Smith became a publicly owned company. The company opened up a new headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1969. After continuous improvements and opening up new factories, on January 1, 2007, Binney & Smith became Crayola, LLC.

Importance and Improvements

The Crayola name is recognizable in 99% of American households. Crayons were originally made of charcoal and oil, but today, there are many things you can do with crayons. First of all, to increase their market and activity of customers, on January 31, 2001, Binney & Smith conducted their first online poll of favorite crayon colors of all ages. Overall, the winner was blue. It was not just ordinary crayons, however. Kids can melt crayons and make new ones, twist their colors, and even write on windows! Crayola has officially ignited innovations when it comes to the development of the crayon. It started off as a simple design, and today, it is a well-known, household favorite item used by many.

Interesting Fact: The very first 64-Color Box of Crayola crayons, donated by Binney & Smith, is located in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

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