Did containment of Communism work?

By: Charlie Portillo

The Korean War !

The Korean War was like a seesaw back and forward. The un and us took over then china. Then the both forces un and us agreed with the Chinese to set a border in the 38th parallel. The us involved in it because the us is democratic and us doesn't want communist rule anywhere in the world.

Vietnam war!

Vietnam also involved in communism. The us and again with the un trying to get rid of communism. It didn't go like the Korean War the Vietnamese were going rough on the un and the us so the us and un got out of the war and lost. Then how did the us get out of war the us itself. Citizens said enough now get out of that war. That's how Vietnam became communist.

Mao Zedong

A leader of communist china. He is seen as the leader the priority in china a strong founder of communism.

The long march

Lead by Mao Zedong when many many red soilders died then his army grew back by people joining his communist force.

The Great Leap Foward

When communism bacame more popular and then it sarted as a Government.

The Cultral Revolution

Thats what happened when communism started to rule. All religons cultures were banned in china.

Tiananmen Square

People of china started go protest and then communist chjina leaders started toget mad. Then they sent tanks thats when tank man showed him sef stoping more than 5 tanks!