Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Review

D.J. Schwenk of Red Bend, Wisconsin, lives on a farm with her family who doesn't communicate well. She has two brothers playing college ball that never talk to their family anymore and one brother who never talks. Red, Bend, and Hawley are enemies, so when D.J. finds out she has to work on the farm with Hawley's quarterback, Brian Nelson, she is not pleased. When her and Brian start working, D.J. discovers Brian is a lazy, snotty person. But once D.J.'s dog, Smut, comes to Brian with her football and D.J. watches him throw it, she realizes what a pretty arm Brian has. Brian and D.J. get in a fight, and Brian bails.

One day Jimmy Ott, Hawley's football coach and family friend comes over and after lunch talks to D.J. about possibly training Brian. The next day D.J. wakes up to find Brian unloading wagons. Brian explains Jimmy sent him over. After lunch Brian throws around the football and they both decide D.J. should train him but keep it a secret.

D.J. eventually made a football field for them to train on in the heifer pasture. One day they are running plays and Brian comments that he's glad he's not playing against D.J. in a game and that's when D.J. decides to go out for Red Bend football. She grabs some gear for football in Curtis's room.

D.J. tells us about the fight between her older brothers and dad and what made them move out. D.J. then talks to the Red Bend coach to play football but she must bring up her English grade. There was a party and D.J. was sitting with Kari then Amber shows up and D.J. tells them she's going out for football. Kari is excited and decides to go out for cheer leading but Amber is mad. Amber storms off and D.J. talks to her and finds out Amber is in love with her. D.J. started dozing after running once but then Brian kissed her and she woke up and hit him and gave him a bloody nose.

The next day D.J.'s mom said she needs D.J. to take Curtis to an awards banquet in Madison. Before the banquet, D.J. gets her hair cut for football and when they come back from the banquet, D.J tells Curtis she's going out for football and Curtis says he wants to be a dentist. The next day, D.J.'s mom finds out she's playing football and D.J's mom asks if she should take the principal job and D.J. says yes. When D.J. was waiting for Brian to get to her house for training, he says he's at Lake Superior and asks D.J. to come. She says no and later calls him and finds out he's at a party. Later, football practice begins. After practice, some guys from Hawley show up and mock D.J. but a player on D.J.s team says she's going to play line backer and take Brian down. Brian is very angry with D.J. after that.

D.J. tells her dad about playing football but doesn't respond. D.J. then finds out that her dad watched her practice one day and they finally talk. D.J. doesn't start on the scrimmage against Hawley but she demands to go in. She scores and Red Bend wins. The next day, Brian comes over and apologizes. The last chapter tells us that D.J. wrote this book for her English project to bring her grade up.

Editorial of Dairy Queen

I would recommend the book Dairy Queen to a friend because there is never a dull moment and there are so many twists and turns in the book you don't see coming. The Dairy Queen book is a trilogy. The other two books are The Off Season (#2) and Front and Center (#3). I think people will like Dairy Queen like I did because it is very fun and entertaining. By the end of Dairy Queen, you will want to read what happens in The Off Season. Dairy Queen is one of the best books I have read.