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Pedro Flores

About Flores

Pedro Flores was born on April 26, 1896. He was a Philippine immigrant from Vintarilocos Norte. Sadly, he passed away on December of 1963. But in Flores school years he attended the High School of Commerce in San Francisco, 1990-1920. Then he studied law at University of California, Berkeley and the Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.

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What did he invent?

Pedro Flores was the first yo-yo maker in the US. Flores established his yo-yo Manufacturing company in Santa Barbara in 1928. The invention of the yo-yo didn't really "help" the world but in a way it did, because now there are millions of people out there who love yo-yo's and play with it everyday. Flores used to host yo-yo competitions across the nation and fueled the yo-yo crazed in the US. Sadly, Flores didn't receive any awards.

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