Research Project

Experimentation & Data Analysis

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"Prepare for the Science Fair" by Kevin Temmer

Making Charts and Graphs

Work in Progress

Where Should You Be?? How Close are You to Being Finished?

All Experimentation Needs to Be Complete by January 31 at the LATEST!!!

After Experimentation To Do List:

1. Insert SIX Experiment Pics into Rough Draft of Final Paper

2. Write 1-2 sentences about each picture

3. Make Charts

4. Make Graphs

5. Paste Charts and Graphs into Rough Draft of Final Paper

6. Write 1-2 Sentences about Each Chart and Graph

7. Connect Chart and Graph Sentences into Paragraph(s) and place in Results section of Rough draft of Final Paper

8. Write Conclusion By Restating Hypothesis and State if your Hypothesis was Accepted, Rejected or Inconclusive and write one sentence why. (Can be just two sentences)

9. Write Abstract