K1 News!!

May 16th-20th

Our Schedule Next Week

Monday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Tuesday: Music & Library Day

Library Day! Please help your child return their library books to school!!

ALL library books need to be returned this week- no more class check out.

Mrs. McDaniel out for training

Wednesday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Thursday: Art Day

Friday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!


Next Week We Are Learning...

Sight Words: REVIEW

ELA: - Farm Fiction Book Study and creating our own Farm Stories

Math: Addition and Subtraction

Science: Farm Animals life cycle, and cow nonfiction research

Social Studies: Character Lessons

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NEW!! Communication Notes Starting NEXT WEEK!

As the year is ending, we are wanting to have our kiddos prepared as much as possible for first grade. While first grade brings tons of fun and new learning, we have noticed through the years that looping can create familiarity between the students and sometimes with the teacher that causes some behavior to slip. (Some of this behavior we are already beginning to see already in our classrooms).

In order to help with this, the kindergarten teachers have decided to start sending Communication Notes home starting next week!!

There are two different types of notes that could be sent home with your child. One is a "I did not have a great day" and the other note will be turned into a positive celebration letting you know about your child's progress! Most days, your child will not receive either note and no news is good news! These notes will only be sent home when necessary.The "I did not have a great day" note will have a Parent Signature required and returned to school. Please look at the pictures of the two different notes below so you know what to expect.

If we feel there is a positive reaction and behavior improves with these notes, we will continue to use them in 1st grade starting at the beginning of the year! :)

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Barnyard Bash- $4 needed

A note was sent home last week asking for $4 for your child to bring in order to participate in the petting zoo portion of our Barnyard Bash on May 25th. If you haven't already, please send in your $4 cash to school by May 20th.

Barnyard Bash Volunteers??

Our Kindergarten Barnyard Bash is taking place on May 25th from 11am-1pm! This day is SO much fun for the kids- and the petting zoo is the best part.

We will have 3 or 4 activities/rotations outside during this time for the kids to rotate through. I would LOVE to have a 4-5 parent volunteers come during this time to help manage the different stations (relay races, petting zoo, bean bag toss etc.)

Please let me know ASAP if you are able to come and help out :) Thank you!


Mark Your Calendar!


May 20th- Field Day!!!

May 17th- Mrs. McDaniel Out for Training

May 23rd- Mrs. McDaniel Out of Training

May 25th- Barnyard Bash

June 2nd- Last Day of School

May Birthday's

Scarlett- May 6th

Branden- May 12th

Mason- May 25th

Congrats Manali and Andrew on your MVPs this week!!!

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Everyone did such an AWESOME job last night at the musical!!!