The 1970s

Halle Kahlenberg

Culture of the Seventies

The seventies brought about a massive amount of political awareness. Caught after the explosion of hippie culture, the seventies were a time where 'hippie' ideals began to wan and people became invested in the environmentalist movement and feminism. The population exceeds 200 million people, and of that, there is a ratio of 27:16 of men to women in the work force. Movies are numerous and varied in topic as the industry expands due to the invention of the home VCR. The Star Wars movies begin to take off in the 70s. Vinyl records are cheap and affordable, making music more accessible. Funk, soul, R&B, hard/soft rock, and disco are popular; the seventies also began the birth of a new kind of genre - hip hop. The seventies were an era of new ideas and forward thinking, with popular items like lava lamps and mood rings, and people were almost guaranteed to "Have a Nice Day!" There was, however, drawbacks in life. The recession hit hard, and inflation began to increase interest rates, and there was a shortage of imported oil. Economically, the US had it rough; spiritually and culturally, the US was booming.

Important Figures

There were many pertinent people in the seventies that impacted the future greatly, including Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter; Stephan Hawking; Foster Gunnison and Craig Rodwell; Elton John; Louise Brown; and many more.

Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter

Conservative republican Richard Nixon's election brought about the dreadful Watergate Crisis, leaving Gerald Ford, his vice president, to take over. However, this did influence the public's opinion of the republican party, and they soon also became unhappy with the way Jimmy Cater ran things.

Stephan Hawking

A paralysed wonder, in the seventies Stephan Hawking presented the revolutionary discovery of black holes, influencing space theories and more throughout the world.

Foster Gunnison and Craig Rodwell

Foster Gunnison and Craig Rodwell helped to further a gay rights movement in the seventies, bringing forth the issue and gaining awareness for the cause. The seventies were a time to further rights, and the two men began to start a movement for gay marriage and equal rights recognized by the law.

Elton John

Releasing his self titled album in 1970, Elton Jon was bound for success. He quickly became an international star, recognized for his music and live shows. The seventies prominently marked the beginning and continuation of a successful career for Elton John.

Louise Brown

Science was furthered impossibly in this decade. The world saw its first "test tube baby," or child born after conception through the method of vitro fertilization, or IVF.

Major Event Timeline

Twin Towers' first tenants move in

Friday, Dec. 1st 197 at 12pm to Wednesday, March 1st 1972 at 12pm

World Trade Center, New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

The World Trade Center's construction is completed to a point where people are able to move in and work. The height of the towers exceeds that of the Empire State Building's.

Roe v Wade

Monday, Jan. 22nd 1973 at 9pm

United States

This court case rules abortion as legal in the United States.

Vietnam War RElations End

Saturday, Jan. 27th 1973 at 9pm


The Vietnam Peace Pacts were signed, and the United States began to retract forces from Vietnam. This ends US involvement in Vietnam's conflict. The very last of US troops leave on March 29th, 1973.

Nixon's Impeachment hearings

Tuesday, May 7th 1974 at 6:30pm

Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

President Richard Nixon is tried for impeachment after evidence is presented post Watergate crisis. Later, on August 9th, 1974, Nixon resigns his presidency, and President Ford comes to power, clearing Nixon's name.

Microsoft Founded

Friday, April 4th 1975 at 12pm

Albuquerque, NM, United States

Albuquerque, NM

The company Microsoft was founded, changing technology for future generations.

NYC Blackout

Wednesday, July 13th 1977 at 8:30pm to Thursday, May 12th, 10:30pm

NYC, NY, United States

New York, NY

The entire city of New York (except lower Queens) experienced a blackout on July 13-14, 1977. The power outage happened due to storms and generator failures/complications.. As a result of the power loss, there was crime heavily present, including theft and arson.