The Ritenour Review

2015 - 2016 Third Grade Weekly News

Fall Sign Up

Our class Fall Party will be this Friday! We all need a fun way to end a wonderful first quarter. If you would like to join our party or donate supplies, please click on the button above.

**Any visitors, must have a background check on file and you need to register with our school to let them know you are visiting that day.

Websites to Use at Home

Math Sites:

  • Scootpad: go to -> login using username: first-last and password is lunch code -> click on scootpad icon
  • We have used Word so far.

**We will add to this list in the coming weeks.

This Past Week

The first three days of our week were dedicated to preparing for our conferences. We spent a little bit of time each of those days preparing our goals and speeches. I think they all did a beautiful job! I hope you all were just as excited to see your child shine in their classroom.

In reading, dove into our newest read aloud - it is starting to pick up steam. We also took our next reading unit's pretest. As always, it is not their favorite thing to do; however, I know they had a lot of fun showing you the progress from this last unit, so I think they went into this one with a little more excitement.

In math, we continued working with our word problems. We specifically worked with drawing arrays to assist with our mental rolodex of strategies we can use. The use of an array can assist in many areas. It is a beautiful way to represent the equal groups. It also leads to a wonderful conversation to identify factors in a product. At this point, I highly recommend the use of manipulatives until they can build their arrays in their heads.,

In writing, we worked on revising our personal narratives. The kids that felt they were to a stopping point in their writing, they had some freedom to free write. I think we are all impressed with how much they are starting to write each time!

In science, we had a lot of fun with an online simulation with the insect the Walking Sticks. In the simulation, each group was able to pick an environment (bamboo, wood chips or bushes). In their simulation, they start with green, green-brown and brown walking sticks. Each simulation would allow certain walking sticks to stand out and some to blend in to the environment. Over the course of five generations, each group noticed some of the colors of walking sticks became extinct and others grew larger in numbers. A very fun observation! All in all, this is a great connection to our animal adaptation conversations. In the classroom, we are learning that all living organisms will move, adapt or perish due to environmental changes/events. It has been fun to look at certain environments around the world and thinking about what USED to live there.

Next Week's Mentor Sentence

"Well, aren't you a picky one," she sniffed, and then she was gone.

~I Need My Monster

*We will work apostrophes, quotation marks/dialogue. We will also continue to review subjects and predicates. This is a TOUGH concept for third graders and will take a while for it to fully make sense. We see a lot of run-on sentences, and it is hard to fully correct until they understand the main components of a simple or complex sentence.

Coming Up Next Week:

Specifically in each subject we will be getting into the following:

  • Math: We will work continue practicing word problems. This week, we will add the concept of division to our problems. Please, do not sweat this concept. We will not be learning a long algorithm or anything. We will be using the natural skills they have known for a while. A whole needs to be shared into equal groups. This can be done with a drawing or sketch with ease. I honestly do not want them doing any type of algorithm - just yet. It is so important to visualize the concept.
  • WE WILL TEST THIS WEEK IN MATH. We had a great math lesson on Friday and I felt we were ready to move forward with our planned lessons and test this coming week. A math review sheet will be coming home this week, so be on the look out!
  • Reading: We kicked off our next reading unit - non-fiction/informational reading. We will review our pretest from last week and set some goals for the coming unit and work on filling our book boxes with non-fiction books.
  • Science: We will continue to watch and observe our crayfish. We continue our conversation on learned vs inherited traits.

Word Study

Continue to look for a sort in your child's folder. We are going in three different directions, so feel free to reach out during the week if you do not fully understand your child's spelling/word sort. Our first week with three groups was fairly smooth. The time spent in the first few weeks learning our procedures and expectations helped with this transition.

Upcoming Dates

  • October 8 - October 11 - Book Fair
  • October 8 - We will preview the Book Fair as a class.
  • October 10 - We will visit the book fair again to purchase books.
  • October 9th - Picture Re-Take Day
  • October 10th - PTO Meeting 6:00pm w/ Dedication of Shade Structure
  • October 12th - Fall Party
  • October 15th-19th - Fall Break
  • October 24th - Blood Drive 3:00-7:00pm Cafe
  • November 10th - BME Talent Show Rehearsal 2:00pm
  • November 12th - Veterans Day Program 9:30am
  • November 17th - BME Talent Show 2:00pm


Big picture


Bullying Lesson

Big picture

Practicing our Spelling/Word Sorts Outdoors