Welcome To Lineville

By: Sydney Palomaki


Hey, what's up! I bet you want to know what Lineville is like! How about I give you some basic information about Lineville!? Have Fun!! :D

Acknowledgement Cards

Did you know that there are acknowledgment cards at Lineville? First of all, acknowledgement cards are given to you when you do something good. You turn in all of your acknowledgement at the end of the week on Friday.

How To Get Acknowledgement Cards

One way to get acknowledgement cards is to help other students or to help a teacher. Another example is being at a zero in the hallways. Some more examples are... having good behavior, listening to the teacher when they are talking, walking in the hallways, and saying hello to teachers if they are having a bad day. Once you get 30 acknowledgement cards, you can get a green card.

Green Cards

The green cards are different things such as... late homework passes, wear sunglasses for a day, do half of an assignment and many more. Last but not least, I mentioned earlier that green cards cost 30 acknowledgement cards. I hope that you get a lot of green cards!!!

Hallways At Lineville

Did you know that the hallways at Lineville are different than the elementary hallways. First, there is red tape and blue tape. The red tape means to be at a zero and the blue tape means you can be at a voice level 1. There are 2 sides of the hallway. You have to walk on the right side so you don't run into people. Think about it as driving a car. The hallway is very loud in the zero zones. So make sure that you are being at a zero so you can earn acknowledgment cards. Hopefully you learned a little about the Lineville hallways.


There are some things that you should know about lunch. First of all, there are 3 different lunch choices... District, Commons, and Cold lunch. There is only allowed 8 people per table. The Commons meals always stay the same. But, the District meals change because the District meal is the same for all the Howard-Suamico schools. I hope you learned a little about lunch.

A la Cart

There is also, A la cart. Some of the A la cart choices are; cookies, juice, Snapple, fruit snacks, pudding, water, and chips.


The lockers are a little confusing. I'll show you how to open up a locker. First, you have to turn the dial to the right until you reach your first number. Then, you have to turn the dial to the left, pass your second number once, then on the second turn land the dial on your number. Finally, turn the dial to the right until you reach your last number. When you are done, pull your lock down and your locker should open if you didn't do the wrong combination.

Have Fun!!!!

It doesn't matter what house you are in, but I hope you have fun at Lineville no matter what!!! :D
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