December 15, 2017

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Christmas break is almost here!

We can feel the anticipation in the air. The children are very excited and are ready for the Christmas break (I think our staff is as well!)

The school office will be open the following days and hours:

Wednesday, December 27th and Wednesday, January 3

9AM until 1PM.

Parents, we are having a big problem in the parking lot in the morning that is both dangerous to children and inconveniencing to others. That is, parents dropping off their children in places other than the drop off line by the front of the building.

You may not drop your children off ANYWHERE in the parking lot except for the drop off line. That is the only place you can drop your children off. You can not pull into the back aisle of the parking lot. You cannot drop off by the dumpsters. If you do not wish to go through the drop off line, you always have the option of waiting for a parking space, but unless you have business to take care of, why not use the convenience of the drop-off line?

At this point in the year, I should not have to be discussing these issues. If we want our students to have respect for rules, parents must model this.

Cherrydale Update

It is scheduled to be delivered this Monday. It will go home with the children on Monday. If you have a large order, please be prepared to come with your vehicle and bring home your order for distribution. The prizes the students earned will be in the package. If there is any item missing or damaged, please follow the instructions in the package. If you have any problem, please feel free to call the office, but first follow the directions enclosed.

School Photos

If you ordered a packet, it was sent home. If you did not order a packet, a proof was sent home and you may order packets directly from the photographer. However, in the future you should order on picture day because it is less expensive.

Any students who were absent on picture day will have their picture taken next Tuesday, December 19th. Regular uniforms only. These are the only photos that will be taken.

PK-2nd Grade Christmas Program Info

The second of our Christmas programs will be held this Tuesday, beginning at 7PM in the auditorium, for students in PK thru 2nd grade. The students need to be in their classrooms by 6:30PM. Each class has instructions on how to dress for this occasion. Please see below. You may park in the front parking lot, at Fraternity Baptist Church, on the street or in the back parking lot (PE court). In all of these places there is ample parking for everyone. Wherever you park, DO NOT DOUBLE-PARK and block other people in as that is very inconsiderate. When the program is over, all of the students will go back to their classrooms and you will pick them up there. This is not a "drop off" event, this is a program that your children have been preparing for you, and every child deserves to have someone in the audience for him or her.

PLEASE NOTE...On the day of the Christmas program, you may not leave your child in OOS until 6:30 until it is time for them to go to the classrooms for the program. They must be picked up after school or from OOS. They should have something to eat and have a chance to hopefully shower but at very least they need to change into what they will be wearing for the program.

PK2 Blue jeans, shirt to be provided

PK 3 Plain white t-shirt (fruit of the loom or Hanes) and blue jeans

K4D Jeans (t-shirts provided)

K4M Blue jeans, shirt will be provided

K5B Black bottoms (the rest of the costume is provided)

K5Q Black bottoms, christmas colored shirts (red, green)

1stM White long sleeved shirt (plain), dark blue jeans, black shoes

1stS Black bottoms and tops unless with Santa hats, unless instructed otherwise.

2nd Shorts or skirt, costume provided; Girls, red tights or socks, dress shoes, Boys white socks


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Special Christmas offering - We have raised $1,100 towards our goal of $2,000

For many years, we have been supporting GOOD SHEPHERD ORPHANAGE in Carefour, Haiti at Christmas-time. This facility cares for children who do not have parents but in addition, they provide a wonderful Christmas dinner and a Christmas gift to 2,000 children from the countryside. They send buses to pick them up and bring them back to the orphanage. Each child leaves with a full stomach and with a Christmas gift. They also feed about 70 children every day from the community and run a school.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back and I encourage you to give your children offering, as generous as possible, on each chapel day. Our goal is to raise $2,000. Checks are of course accepted.

Update: The students have raised over $1,000, , including Thursday night's offering at the program. We will take another offering at Tuesday night's program. Our goal is $2,000 and I hope that we can reach this goal! It will bless many. Checks made out to cash or to Holy Cross are fine as we will be writing one check to send to the orphanage.

Here is a link to the orphanage

Cold Weather Jacket and Sweater Policy

As outlined in my email earlier this week... There are still children who are not wearing outerwear that meets our dress code. Please take care of this over the weekend.

Dear Parents,

The cooler weather is here and along with it, the need for jackets and sweaters and other cool weather items. There are several issues to be aware of.

  1. It has been clearly explained that we have a dress code for outerwear. Students may purchase the Holy Cross sweatshirt if desired, or purchase an inexpensive jacket, sweater or sweatshirt that is solid black, navy blue, white or gray. The same dollars that are used to purchase any other color sweatshirt or jacket can be used to purchase something that conforms to our very simple dress code. There are some schools that ONLY allow students to wear THEIR specific uniform item which is usually costly. We are not requiring that but we do require that you follow our dress code. This morning I had a parent ask me, “Do you want my child to be cold?”. Of course I do not want any child to be cold. I do, however, want every parent to make sure that their child has a jacket, sweater or sweatshirt that is solid navy blue, grey, black or white so that it is within our dress code.

  1. PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ALL JACKETS AND SWEATERS! Our lost and found bin is growing. Unfortunately, if it does not have a name in it, anyone can take it from the lost and found bin. When items are brought into the office, we always check for a name before we put it in the bin.

  1. Black, white or navy tights may be worn on cold days.

  1. There is PE when the weather is cooler. Even in colder parts of the country, kids go outside for recess unless the temperatures are dangerously low. That will not happen in South Florida. Navy blue sweatpants may be worn under PE shorts on COLD days. Cold is defined as a day where the temperature is BELOW 60 degrees.

  1. Boots are not permissible for safety reasons. Do not dress your child in boots of any kind.

  1. It is doubtful that it will ever get cold enough for gloves, mittens or scarfs to be necessary and they become distractions and play toys.

  1. Hats may not be worn in the classrooms. If you want your child to wear a hat to school on a cool day, it may be worn on the playground. However, it rarely is cold enough for this to be necessary.

  1. If the weather is so cold that I do not feel that uniform items are warm enough, I will send a text alert. Otherwise, children are expected to wear their uniforms to school. Every student should have one pair of long uniform pants, as per our dress code.

Thank you for addressing these very simple dress code requirements.

Mrs. Mackey

Coming up next week

Tuesday, Dec. 19: PK-2nd Grade Christmas Program 7PM NO CHEERLEADING!!!

Tuesday, Dec. 19: Picture retake day

Wednesday, Dec. 20: Advent Service 7:15PM

Thursday, Dec. 21: Early Release.

11:30 for PK-K5

11:45 for 1st thru 4th grade

Noon for 5th thru 8th grade

If you do not need to utilize OOS on this day, we would appreciate you picking your child up early. We are having a staff luncheon and we would like to be able to include many of our staff.

**BB schedule is not available at this time. Please see Mrs. Thompson

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  • NO SCHOOL Friday, Dec. 22 1st Day of Christmas break thru January 7th. School resumes January 8th.

Please join us for Christmas Eve Worship, at 10:30AM (regular worship) or 5:30PM (Candlelight Service). There also is worship on Christmas Day at 10:30AM.

If you are in need of childcare during Christmas break, you may wish to check out the option below. While I do not have any personal experience with it, it is highly recommended by several of our parents and is reasonable.

  • School Resumes: Monday, January 8th
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