This Is My Flyer About Winds


Wind is a horizontal movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure.Winds are caused by differences in air pressure.

Local Winds

Local winds are winds that blow over short distances.Local winds are created by the unequal heating of Earths surface within a small area.There are different kinds of breezes such as sea breeze and land breeze.Sea breezes blow by the warm air expanding,and rising creating a low-pressure area.Also cool air blows inland from over the water and moves underneath the warm air.

Global Winds

Global winds are winds that blow steadily from specific directions over long distances.Global winds are created by the unequal heating of Earth's surface,also warm air rises at the equator and cold air sinks at the poles.

Horse Latitude

Horse latitudes when warm air that rises at the equator divides and flows both North and South.Hundreds of years ago Sailors becalmed in these waters and ran out of food and water, because of that the horses had to be thrown over the board.As a result,the latitude 30 degrees North and South of the Equator came to be called the Horse latitude.

Prevailing Westerlies

The prevailing westerlies blow generally from the Southwest in the North latitude from the Northwest in the South latitude.The prevailing westerlies play an important part in the weather in the United States.

Jet Streams

About 10 kilometers above Earth's surface are bands of high-speed of winds high-speed winds that are called jet streams.These winds are hundreds of kilometers wide but only a few kilometers deep.Jet Streams generally Blow from west to east at speeds of 200- 400 km per hour.

Trade Winds

Trade winds blow from the horse latitudes toward the equator.For hundreds of years Sailors relied on these winds to move ships carrying valuable stuff from Europe to the West Indies and South America.As a result the steady easterly winds are called the trade winds.