The Dream Team

1/11/16 Weekly Memo 22

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Our HERO Focus is....

Helping Others (Scholars & Teachers)

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Table of Contents

  1. Week at a glance
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Duty Schedule
  4. Cultural & Instructional Focus Areas
  5. Good Things
  6. Message from the Coach

Week at a Glance

Monday, January 11th: B Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Lesson Plans due on Blackboard

Teachers Select your top two scholars from each class period and send them to Andrea today

Tuesday, January 12th: A Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Wednesday, January 13th:B Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Wellness Wednesday

Thursday, January 14th: A Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Awards Ceremony 6pm

Friday, January 15th: B Day

Jeans and a College Shirt

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Lesson Plan revisions due on blackboard

"Anti-Bullying Poster Contest"

Have each scholar create posters for anti-bullying week. The top 3 scholar posters will win a prize! Poster is due January 22nd

Coming Soon...

January 18th- MLK Day: No School

January 20th- Campus Needs Assessment Meetings in the library

January 22nd- Grades Close for Progress Reports

Anit-Bullying Posters Due

January 25th- Anti-Bullying Week Begins

January 26th- Progress Reports Go Home

January 28th (date changed from the 14th)- Science & Technology Night 6pm-8pm- (Teachers create activities for parents and scholars to enjoy, snacks will be provided- let your scholars know that this is not optional and they will receive a grade for participation in this event and if their parents come they receive a free dress pass)

Duty Schedule

Morning Duty- See the body of the email.

Lunch Duty- Teachers must arrive to pick up your class from the cafeteria at 11:39am (10:39am on Wed) for 6th grade and 12:23am (11:22am on Wed) for 7th & 8th grade teachers.

  • 6th Grade Lunch- Science Team Lead & Specials Team Lead and Administration

    7th & 8th Grade Lunch- Spanish and Humanities Team Leads and Administration

After School Duty- See the body of the email.

Instructional & Cultural Focus Areas

Data Tracking:

Research shows that on average, the practice of having students track their own progress was associated with a 32 percentile point gain in their achievement. This is fantastic! Let's do this for our scholars too. We have to be intentional about what we are doing and this is a part of that intentionality. The use of data is not optional. It is required for us to make the gains we need.

Classroom Management System:

Be clear, consistent, and confident in the way that you execute your classroom management plan.

Good Things!

Mrs. Parks says...

Shout out to the team leads for staying late after school today to brainstorm ideas to take our school to the next level academically.

Shout out to the entire team for coming back and starting the year STRONG with HIGH expectations, dedication, and commitment!

Ms. Golledge says...

Shout out to Mr. Miles for stepping up to cover classes AND teach ELA.

Shout out to the entire specials team for beginning to teach short stories for the first 30 minutes of their classes.

Shout the entire staff for working hard on Wednesday after school to ensure that our discipline system was fool proof.

A Message from the Coach


Said the college professor,

“Such rawness in the student is a shame,

Lack of preparation in high school

Is to blame.”

Said the high school teacher,

“Good heavens, that boy’s a fool.

The fault, of course, is with the

Junior High School.

The junior high teacher noted,

“It’s so hopeless and sad

Thanks to those elementary clowns,

They can’t subtract or add.”

The grammar school teacher said,

“From such stupidity

May I be spared.

They sent him up to me so unprepared.”

The primary teacher huffed,

“Kindergarten blockheads all.

They call that preparation?

Why, it’s worse than none at all.”

The kindergarten teacher said,

“Such lack of training never did I see.

What kind of parents

must those kid’s parents be?”

This responsibility to teach

is something that we all share,

but somehow the grass is

always greener over there.

So rather than hand down

these grumbles and groans,

Let’s remember about glass houses,

and the throwing of stones.

The answer of course,

It is not chance or luck

but what we do in our own classes,

so let’s not pass the buck.

Remember Not to Pass the Buck! Let's get our kids where they need to be!

The Dream Teamm Will Fight,


Strategic Priorities

Professional Capacity

Goal: We will build upon the knowledge & skills of all staff members

Parent, School, & Community Ties

Goal: We will engage ALL stakeholders in the school’s culture.

School Learning Climate

Goal: We will create a safe and orderly environment that promotes the sense of urgency required to climb the ladder of academic and behavioral excellence.