Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


  • Making inspired movie can be as easy as shoot, edit, present!
  • Editing your homemade movies is easy
  • Adding your favorite music to your movie can make it fabulous


  • 14 different themes to choose between from superhero to scary
  • It short and quick for on the fly fun
  • All you have to do is add pictures and film

Haiku Deck

  • Create a slideshow for different presentations
  • Add images, and text
  • 6 different theme choices can jazz up your creation

Explain Everything

  • Creates an online video presentation
  • Adding shapes, colors, images, and speak
  • Can upload or email your creation to other people

Go Animate

  • Make people talk, move, and much more
  • Switch background during a scene
  • Make little online videos that you can share with friends

Ashley Karas

Friday, Jan. 24th, 12am

2700 Lineville Road

Green Bay, WI