The Compound

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The main story/The summary

The main characters of the story are Eli and his rich family in a nuke shelter during a nuclear war and Eli has to deal with his brother and his grandma's death.

Main Characters

Eli, Eli's father, Eli's mother eddy (Eli's dead brother) Eli's sisters Lexie and terese.

Side Chracters

Els the family maid, the grandma (dead)

This is the author of the book, S.A. Bodeen

She has made many more great books that I plan to read.

These are all the books the author has written

I am putting a link to the authors web page and her Facebook if you want to check her out smore randomly puts a phone number but it is not real
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The nuclear bomb shelter and the wastelands


The struggle of living in the new world


Man vs Man and Man vs nature and also man vs self because mankind was the one who nuked the world and then Eli and his family have to deal with the mutated things in nature and I put man vs self because Eli has to do with his brother being dead.