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November 2020 Month in Review

Life in 1st Grade

It's hard to believe we are starting the 2nd Trimester and November has come and gone already! Here's a little bit about what we've been working on:

Reading: We are learning how to make meaningful connections to books while reading. We make text-to-self connections as well as text-to-text and text-to-world connections while we are reading in whole group, small group and independently. We have also learned about making predictions using evidence from the text to support our ideas. Additionally, we have been working on visualizing. We discuss this as making a movie or a picture in our heads while we read. We practice this skill by listening to familiar sounds such as the sound of the ocean, traffic, and thunderstorms. We made movies in our heads while listening to the sounds and described our movies after listening. Next, we worked on visualizing through poetry.
We are also continuing to learn a variety of strategies to help with accuracy during reading. If we get stuck on a word we try to look at the picture for clues, chunk to the word, get our mouth ready by saying beginning sounds, and flipping the vowel sound.

Power Words/Phonics: The phonics skills we are learning are becoming increasingly more challenging as the year progresses. Please continue to practice daily at home (the skills we are working on are always listed on the calendar on my classroom website and can be found on the phonics activities we complete on Seesaw) and we will continue to practice daily at school. Remember to review the phonics words that come home weekly in your child's test folder as well. It is always good to review, even if your child did well on the assessment, since words that follow these phonics patterns pop up in books often.

Additionally, your child is assigned his/her individualized power words on Wednesdays. We practice them daily at school, but it is always a good idea to practice them at home too. If you're looking for fun ways to practice at home there are tons of ideas on my classroom website or feel free to reach out to me for ideas.

Writing: As authors, we have done a great job learning how to respond to a prompt! Currently, we are focusing on writing small moments that have a beginning, middle and end and connecting it to our skill of visualizing in reading by going back in our writing and editing it to add more details as we visualize the event that happened in our life. Soon we will be learning about how to write our opinions giving supporting reasons.

Math: We are still working on adding and subtracting in math up to 20. We have learned several different strategies to help us solve both addition and subtraction problems. The children are encouraged to choose the strategy that works the best for them, such as drawing a picture, counting on, etc. We have also been hard at work on story problems. We are working on finding important words in story problems that tell us if the problem is addition or subtraction. Work on this at home by making up story problems for your child to solve! Be sure to include story problems that have a missing part, these have proven to be the most challenging for us. Finally, we are also working on representing numbers in various forms and determining if number sentences are true or false. Soon, we will be moving on to learn about measurement.

Science and Social Studies: In social studies, we are working on learning about Canada and it's culture. After we finish learning about Canada we will switch back to science and begin learning about states of matter, such as solids and liquids. We'll learn how to identify states of matter, how we use them in our lives for different purposes and where to find them in the world around us.

Important Dates to Remember

December 1st-4th: All students are working virtually

December 7th: Students return to in person learning (M, Tu, Th, F)

December 11th: Book Orders Due

December 15th: Picture Retake Day - if you would like your child's school pictures retaken, please send them to school with their old pictures on this day

December 23rd: Early Dismissal at 12:30pm

December 24th-January 1st: No School

Videos of the Month

When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)
The Magic E Song

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