Dietary Guidelines

By: Tyrese Roberts

What do the dietary guidelines do for Americans

health risk- is the likelihood of developing health problems such as heart disease.

diet is an eating plan

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs

age,gender,activity level, and weather you whether you are trying to gain or lose weight

nutrient dense food- is a food that provides high amount of vitamins and minerals for relatively few calories

how to maintain healthy weight

risk factor- is a condition that increases your chances of developing a problem

diabetes,cancer,heart disease,high blood pressure,arthritis

energy reserve

suggestions for being physically active every day

control your weight, strengthen your heart and lungs

60 minutes or more

importance of whole grains, fruits, vegetables,and milk

they help against heart diseases, and cancer. they provide most of our calories. they are high in nutrients rich, cholesterol free and naturally low in fats and calories.

they help against risk factors, and they help with nutrients

eat fruit instead of sugary dessert, and drink yogurt smoothies for snacks

how to limit fats and cholesterol

saturated fats and trans fats

heart disease

be choosy about carbohydrates

naturally rich fruit and milk

candy and soft drinks

prevents tooth decay

why reduce sodium and increase potassium

helps control body fluids

high blood pressure,heart attack, and stroke

potassium helps counteract sodium effect on high blood pressure

Avoid alcohol

accidents, injuries, and judgement

Why is food safety so important part of dietary guidelines

safe food is healthful food that is free from harmful bacteria and other contaminants