WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

introduces Authentically EATalian - Coming to 1st Grade

AUTHENTICALLY EATALIAN at West Hollywood Elementary

On September 24th every 1st Grade Student will take part in a special program sponsored by the Italian-America Chamber of Commerce West in conjunction with Piccolo Chef.

With the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and Assocamerestero - the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce in the world, this organization has created a large, national, multifaceted initiative named “Authentically EATalian”. Inspired by the Let's Move campaign launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, “Authentically EATalian” aims at offering children and their families a new perspective on food, educating them in making better meal choices and fighting childhood obesity.

Through the support of the LAUSD, Authentically EATalian has been implementing a string of educational initiatives at a select number of LAUSD schools.


In the morning our 1st Graders will join the highly-energetic and ever competent Piccolo Chef Team lead by Master Chef Gino Campagna for a fun-filled, hands on, engaging and entertaining culinary class focusing on easy-to-make, healthy and delicious Italian recipes.

Each child will make their own pasta while learning about Italy, Italian food, healthy cuisine and culture. Fresh dough will be made from scratch and each child will roll, pinch and create various pastas which the Piccolo Chef Team will cook and then serve. After lunch they will present the Physical Fitness portion of the program, a yoga class provided by one of their local fitness affiliates, NAAM Yoga.

**Parents, please note - this will not take the place of snack or lunch. We ask that you make your snack/lunch arrangements as usual but know that the pasta your child creates will be cooked and offered to them at the end of the class (11:45). If your child has any dietary restrictions and/or allergies, please let your Teacher know.

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The new, Piccolo Chef family-friendly Cookbook just came out!

The wonderful recipes for fresh, health Mediterranean family cooking will let you teach your kids the values of healthy living.Enjoy these all-original, easy-to-do recipes and spend quality, fun time with your kids in the kitchen. Amazon gives it 5 Stars!

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AMAZON gives it five stars - * * * * *

The visual and literal feast delivered on every page expresses love for children and the desire to share with them joy in the art of cooking; passion and playfulness in the art of living itself! This book goes way beyond its subtitle, “Healthy cooking with your kids.”

Gillian Smith

WOW! This cookbook makes you look like a trained chef after making some of these recipes. Overall, this is a great book that will engage you and the children around you in some wonderful one-on-one cooking excursions! Bon Appetit!

Dad of Divas

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We need Parent Volunteers - Please Contact Us

Come join the fun. We will need 2 Parent Volunteers for each class from 10:00am - 12:00pm to guide children though cooking class and help clean up. Email your Room Parent if you are interested in helping with this Event.