The Great Pacifc Garbage patch

Help the ocean

This plastic takes 500 years to decompose.

. The garbage gets there by water gyros that are strong vortexes that go in circles.
. There is 7 billion pounds of plastic that is non recyclable
. 7% of the US's plastic doesn't get recycled
. 250 billion pieces of plastic are in the great pacific garbage patch
.7 million tons of weight
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Animals are dying

.Most animals dead in the pacific have plastic inside of them
.Animals can't digest the plastic so in just sits in their stomach
.12,000 to 24,000 tons of plastic are ingested by fish in the North Pacific each year.
. Entanglement deaths are severely undermining recovery efforts of this seal, which is already on the brink of extinction.
. While plastic bags are the most commonly ingested item, loggerhead sea turtles have been found with soft plastic, ropes Styrofoam, and monofilament lines in their stomachs.
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More facts on the Great pacific Garbage patch and what you can do to help

.Semi manual, every little piece counts.
.We can switch to biodegradable plastic.
. Trash patches consist for 80 percent out of plastic.
.Most of the plastic particles found were microscopic, each weighing 1.8 milligrams or less.
.You can see it from space.
.There is 5 trash vortexes in the world.
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I hope this inspired you to start saving planet earth! Please when ever you see a piece of trash throw it away! You can do it I believe in you!
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