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Friday Update 9/25/2020

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Video from Principal Casteel - Great work this week!

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School Pictures and ID cards. September 28, 29 and October 1, 2 from 3:00-7:00pm

Sign up here or

Order pictures online by visiting and searching for your school’s name. Your online order can be placed before and up to four (4) days after picture day. AHS tendrá días de fotografías a fin de mes. La información de programación estará disponible pronto.Los padres pueden ordenar fotos en línea en buscando el nombre de su escuela. Su pedido en línea se puede realizar antes y hasta cuatro (4) días después del día de la foto.

Calendar Update. When there is a 4-day week. Students will have classes on Wednesdays. Look for the green boxes marked SID (Student Instruction Day).

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Assembly 1, 2020-2021
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Meal Pick-up Tuesdays and Thursdays at AHS 11:00-12:00

You do not have to qualify for Free/Reduced services.

  • Parents or guardians may pick up meals for students who are not present.

  • Meal pickups will occur two days per week: Tuesday (2 days of food) and Thursday (3 days of food) from 11 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

  • Meals will be packaged with breakfast and lunch together.

  • Masks must be worn by anyone picking up meals.

Visit the Virtual Wellness Center

Click here for the link. Click on the objects in the picture to find great resources.

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Meet our Nurse - Hunter Rudd

Tips For Vision Health During Distance Learning:

  • Encourage children to take frequent screen breaks. Follow the 20:20:20 rule, take 20 second breaks every 20 minutes to look away from the screen at a distance of at least 20 feet.
  • Keep screen at least arms length distance away from eyes
  • Discourage using screens in a dark room
  • Consider printing assignments, if possible
  • Turn off screens at least one hour before bedtime to support healthy sleep
  • Children should have regular vision screenings through their doctor
  • Look for signs of vision issues, and if symptoms below are noted take a screen break and try the tips listed above
  • If you have vision concerns or need help accessing vision screening services please contact Hunter at

Signs of Vision Issues:

  • Complaints of eye discomfort or fatigue
  • Frequent eye rubbing or blinking
  • Short attention span
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Covering one eye
  • Holding reading materials close to the face
  • Losing place when reading
  • Seeing double
  • An eye turning in or out”

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like me to add or change anything please let me know!

Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!

--Hunter Rudd, RN, BSN

Beaverton School District Nurse

Aloha High School, Barnes, McKinley, Oak Hills

Phone: 503-356-3812

Fax: 503-356-3809

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