Paella is a typical food of Spain.


The typical paella Valenciana in Spain, not carries shellfish.

The Valencian paella is authentic paella which is made with meat and fresh vegetables of the region of Valencia. Despite being Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, seafood is not used in the Valencian paella. The paella was the typical food of the tenants (that is cooked with meat and vegetables and not with seafood). Paella is a very rich and quite economical dish as the base ingredient is rice.


Ingredients for 6 people:
600 GR rice.
300 grams of chicken meat.
200 g rabbit meat.
250 grams of mixture of flat green beans and beans or "recipe".
1 can of crushed tomatoes and FRY.
1 tablespoon sweet paprika.
1 tablespoon coloring food or alternatively 13 tablespoon of
1 clove of garlic.
20 snails (can be frozen).
1 - 2 litres of chicken broth.
Virgin olive oil.


We chose this recipe because it has found interesting because the paella has snails and that is quite rare for rice.

Azucena: I don´t like paella valenciana, but is interestin the ingredients because this carries snails.



Paella valenciana paso a paso