JUNE, 2015

About the Author

9th grader at Penncrest Highschool

Currently in Ms. Lobitz's Level 1 English

Chapter 1


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "name" as a word or phrase that refers to or that can refer to a specific person. Specific...sounds deep right? It singles that one person out and defines that person with a group of letters and sounds. A name has to come from somewhere.

About 13-14 years back in time, 2000-2001, a couple were probably sitting at a table in thier kitchen in western New Jersey thinking about names for a baby girl they have never met before. The mother wanted to name the child Faith, Grace, or Hope. She'll realize that name wouldn't even fit that puzzle of a person who they were choosing a name. After a while no names seemed to come to thought. The father was very close to his mother, the child's soon to be grandma. She was one of 5 girls in a family and after all her sisters had kids. And those kids had kids. And each kid names the grandkid after their grandmother. As sisters would be, one always wanted what the other had.

Have I gotten off track? Back to the story?

The father's mother already had 3 granddaughters, but none were named after her. Since the mother and father couldn't think of any suitable names for the baby girl they took the grandmothers name into consideration.

Wondering what that name was? Let's just say it fit the girl very well.

The couple had decided on a name as they flew 16 hours from Philadelphia, USA to Haikou, Hainan Island, China. Once they saw their baby girl they knew the name they picked was perfect. In the next 2 days they realized the girl wasn't graceful at all. She wasn't as peppy to hope. And faith just didn't sit well.

I bet you're still wondering what that mysterious name is right? Haha.

Before the new parents could take their daughter back to the USA they had to sign final adoption papers. They had to sign her American name that her sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends could call her by. Right there on the straight black line the mother took a pen a wrote "Anne Marie Kolicius" in smooth ink. That was only a legal name though. Annie was the real name for the girl. As the girl grew up she grew into her name. Annie- Greek name meaning: gorgeous, kindhearted, rebellious, gentle towards others

Chapter 2

Birthday Back Then

When is your birthday?

January 18th, 2000

Find your age in days with this Age Calculator.

5376 Days

Can you find out what the moon looked like on the day you were born? Insert an image.

It was in the first quarter

Can you find out what the weather was like on the day you were born?

12 degrees fahrenheit

7.8 knots (wind)

List at least five famous people who share their birthday with you. What are they famous for?

1. A.A. Milne, author of Childrens' storybooks. Created Winnie the Pooh and friends.

2. Cary Grant, Actor

3. Kevin Costner, Actor

4. Danny Kaye, comic actor

List at least ten things that happened throughout time on this day in history .

1) 1644 - Perplexed Pilgrims in Boston reported America's 1st UFO sightings

2) 1733 - 1st polar bear exhibited in America (Boston)

3) 1777 - San Jose California, founded

4) 1919 - WW I Peace Congress opens in Versailles, France

5) 1948 - 1st courses begin at University of Ibadan, Nigeria

6) 1951 - 1st use of lie detector in Netherlands

7) 1964 - Plans for World Trade Center announced (NYC)

8) 1976 - Super Bowl X: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 in Miami Super Bowl MVP: Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh, WR

9) 1980 - Gold reaches $1,000 an ounce

10) 1993 - Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observed in all 50 states for 1st tim

Find out how much these things cost:

a postage stamp- $0.33

a luxury car- about $80,000

an economy car- about $20,000

a four bedroom house in Media- about $250,000

a gallon of milk- $2.88

going to the movies- $5.58

Who was President?

Bill Clinton

What was the must have toy?

Brats, play dough, Lego

What movies came out?

Gladiator, xmen, scary movie

Who were the biggest movie stars?

Tom Cruz, will smith, Johnny deep, Julia Roberts

Most popular TV shows?

Gilmore girls, Malcolm in the middle, big brother




Tiger woods came big

What were the fashion trends?

Colorful, different

Chapter 3

A Family Trunk

The one thing my mother prides herself is documenting every thing me and my sister do in pictures. Everything from sports to school dances. Even when we were babies and toddlers she had a picture for everything. And now looking back on it, though sometimes it's annoying, it basically is creating a timeline. Now we have countless albums and envelopes from CVS photo center filled with glossy 8x11 photos. The pictures that hold my interest the most to me is pictures of well, me. A little, discolored photo of me as 3-4 month old baby from China is the one I and my parents cherish the most. It was the first time they saw me. It put the dream of having another daughter and a baby sister into reality. Another picture that I love is a picture of my grandmother, aka the person I was named after, holding me for the first time. I or my parents will ever let go of these photos. Not to say the other countless

Pictures amazing. Capturing little moments and are able to keep a memory and image in your mind forever

Chapter 4

Personal Alphabet

A is for authoritative. I like being in charge and following my rules and standards.

B is for bored. I get bored very easily. I'm have the attention span of a chipmunk.

C is for clumsy. I trip on everything from flat floors to my own feet.

D is for determined. When I want something I try to do anything posible to achieve that goal.

E is for easy-going. I just do whatever whenever, when plans don't work out I just go with it

F is for food. I love food and with try almost anything from anywhere.

G is for good-hearted. I want to try to help my friends as much as possible

H is for hard-to-find. I don't think anyone in the world is exactly like my and I like that.

I is for independent. I like doing things on my own and knowing I can handle things alone.

J is for jumpy. I can stay still.

K is for a kid at heart. I'd rather watch Pixar and Disney movies and eat candy then to go out to a fancy restaurant

L is for last minute. I always finish everything right when it's due whether it be a project or reading a article

M is for mischievous I get into everything

N is for nocturl. I get a burst of energy at night and I like to stay up late.

O is for observant. I notice mostly everything

P is for pessimistic. I sometimes always look on the bad side of things.

Q is for quick-witted. I'll always have a line of sarcasm in my mind waiting to spit out.

R is for resourceful. I'll use anything to get what is needed done. I won't use things for their purpose but rather a more useful way in my mind.

S is for scardy cat. I hate horror films, haunted houses, hayrides; they all terrify me.

T is for tiny. I'm barely 5ft and most likely stopped growing.

U is for unorganized. I can't stand everything being perfect, I need a little chaos.

V is for valid. I want to be known that I can do anything so don't count me out.

W is for wiggle. I can't sit still for very long I have to be doing something every minute of the day.

X is for eXcitable. I'm easily about anything remotely funny

Y is for yappy. When I'm in the mood I can talk about anything forever

Z is for zanny. I don't know what this word means but I need a word that starts with Zphabet

Chapter 6

Music In Me

1. What is the role of music in your life?
2. What genres of music do you listen? Do you listen to specific genres for specific purposes or at specific times?
3. Make a list of bands/singers/groups that you love.
4. Make a list of songs that you love.
5. Do you have any songs that have stories connected to them? For example, the song “Yellow” by Coldplay is special to me because it was playing on the radio when I was driving in the car on the way to the hospital when my daughter was born. Yellow turned out to be her favorite color.
6. Choose one piece of music as your personal theme song. Copy the lyrics (if there are lyrics) give the title, and the artist.
7. Explain why you like the song.
8. Explain how the song represents you. Which character traits or personal qualities does it reflect? How?
9. Which lyrics are most meaningful? Why

1. Music is one of the best things in my life. It always just seems to be the perfect song for that perfect time and mood I'm in at the time.

2. I listen to either punk rock, post-grunge, rock, some rap, and some pop kinds. I listen to like rock the most just because it's better and has more meaning to the lyrics then pop music and most new rap today

3. Fall out boy, The downtown fiction, Skillet, Three days graces, 3 doors down, panic at the disco, Nicki Minaj, eminem, avril Lavinge, fireflight, coldplay, one republic, paramore, my chemical romance


Alone together

for those who wait

thanks for nothing


Get out alive

Circus for a psycho


We made you


Welcome to the black parade



American noise

It's over

Animal I've become


Not gonna die

This is gospel

Miss Jackson

Sarah smiles

Casual affair

Nine in the afternoon


One day too late

It's not me its you

5. not really they just kind of make me happy

6. Skillet - Not Gonna Die

Death surrounds
My heartbeat’s slowing down
I won’t take this world’s abuse
I won’t give up, I refuse!

This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken
This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen
When everything you love is leaving
You hold on to what you believe in

The last thing I heard was you whispering goodbye
And then I heard you flat line

No, not gonna die tonight
We're gonna stand and fight forever
(Don’t close your eyes)
No, not gonna die tonight
We're gonna fight for us together
No, we’re not gonna die tonight

Break their hold
'Cause I won’t be controlled
They can’t keep their chains on me
When the truth has set me free

This is how it feels when you take your life back
This is how it feels when you finally fight back
When life pushes me I push harder
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

The last thing I heard was you whispering goodbye
And then I heard you flat line

No, not gonna die tonight
We’re gonna stand and fight forever
(Don’t close your eyes)
No, not gonna die tonight
We're gonna fight for us together
No, we’re not gonna die tonight

Don’t you give up on me
You’re everything I need
This is how it feels when you take your life back
This is how it feels when you fight back

No, not gonna die tonight
We’re gonna stand and fight forever
(Don’t close your eyes)
No, not gonna die tonight
We're gonna fight for us together
No, we’re not gonna die tonight
No, we’re not gonna die tonight

Not gonna die
(Not gonna die)
Not gonna die
(Not gonna die)
Not gonna die tonight

7. I love the band in general and this song is just about not giving up and being true to what you believe

8. It's kinda dark and hard-ish rock? It's really entergetic and keeps you going. I like the message of the song. It's just not to give up on life or anything when something goes bad. I don't really know how to explain it, it just is the same genre I love, I like the message of the lyrics, and I think it fits me cause I try to always do better about something.

9. ‘When life pushes me I push harder or I won’t take this world’s abuse. I won’t give up, I refuse!’
they just tell you to overcome whatever life throws at you and to if you keep fighting things will get better in the end, at least that's what I think.

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Chapter 7

Me in a Metaphor

1. Animal- Seahorse
2. Car- VW Bug
3. Clothing- Sweatpants
4. Day- Sunday
5. Food- Water Ice
6. Color- Black
7. Movie- Shrek
8. Smell- Cotton candy
9. Building- Gym
10. Plant- Thistle
11. Instrument- Drums
12. Geometric shape- Triangle
13. Furniture- Bean bag
14. Song- Hakuna Matata
15. Season- Summer
16. TV Character- Red riding hood (once upon a time)
17. Cartoon character- Buttercup
18. Appliance- Fridge
19. Natural Phenomenon- Tsunami
20. Word- Complex

Chapter 8

Likes and Dislikes


  1. Summer
  2. Swimming
  3. Neon Color
  4. Animals
  5. Sailor moon
  6. Disney
  7. Beach
  8. Big sweatshirts
  9. Steak
  10. Fruit
  11. Sleep
  12. Volleyball


  1. Cold
  2. Snow
  3. Inconsiderate people
  4. Styrofoam rubbing together
  5. Rain
  6. Being forget about
  7. Messing up
  8. Homework
  9. Math
  10. Waking up early
  11. Being forced to go somewhere
  12. Making decisions

Chapter 11

A Lesson Too Late

  • Don't take people for granted
  • Take every opportunity
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Work for everything
  • Don't bottle feeling up
  • Don't cut of ties with people
  • Family first

Enjoy the little things

When people die others try to remember the big things that person did. Usually I can think of is the small things that I had gotten used to. My poppops candy jar, my aunt reading to me when I was 4, my grandfather constantly asking for a hug, or my other aunt giving me free candy when we visited her at the sandwich shop; I took them all for granted. I thought they were always going to be there and what they did was never going to go away. I'm still learning to appreciate small things people do for me and thank them, and make sure they know I know what they do.

Chapter 13


Most of my friends come from school and volleyball. My best friend though is a girl from my elementary school named Kayla. We met vause our parents knew each other through church. Then we went to the same volleyball camp. I stuck to Volleyball and she went to softball. We usually just hang out at someone's house, go to the Springfield mall, or walk around her neighborhood. I don't really know what we do when we hangout. Just whatever happens haha. I think we are friends cause we like some of the same thing like music and movies. Or we dislike some of the same people...oops. We met as kids when she transferred to my school at like 7. We are both so weird and don't care what the other does so we can both be as crazy and weird we want. We are both so different but we keep each other sane, or as sane as your best friend/sister can make you.

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