The Angry Woodpecker

Egg Drop Project


The first ideas we came up with were to take the 2 dixie cups and tape them together. We also decided to put the cotton balls in the 2 cups so the egg was protected. Then we tried to tape the strings to the paper bag to create a parachute


So we tried dropping the egg with the paper bag parachute and the 2 dixie cups. It didnt work very good and it dropped fast. The parachute didnt work.

Changes and Ideas

after the parachute idea didn't work we had an idea to make a paper airplane so the egg would float. To put the airplane on we had to take the paper bag off. We taped the paper airplane on to the cup. it wouldn't stick at first but we kept trying until it did.


Once we were done putting the paper airplane on it. We decided to put another paper airplane on it to make it float even more. we taped the 2 paper airplanes together and to the cup with the tape we had left. Then we put a straw in it for a nose and drew eyes on it and named it the angry woodpecker.


At the end when the guy dropped the egg it floated pretty well but the egg still broke a little on the bottom. I think we used more engineering than science because we had to create and build to make are egg holding structure, we also had to brainstorm to come up with ideas.