Best Sports for Lasting Weight Loss

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Best Sports for Lasting Weight Loss

1/9 - Jumping rope If jumping rope seems easy and reserved for children, don't get me wrong. A session at a moderate pace allows you to burn 700 kilo calories per hour, while working on balance and coordination. Most ? Jumping rope tones the muscles without making them bulky. It also helps to promote blood circulation in the legs and prevents the appearance of cellulite.

2/9 - The elliptical trainer

Easy to use and exerting no impact on the joints, the elliptical trainer engages 80% of the body's muscles. It is one of the top calorie-burning sports: count between 500 to 800 kcal/h. Best Dietician in Delhi.

3/9 - Cross-country skiing

Considered one of the best sports for burning calories, practicing cross-country skiing for an hour burns between 500 and 1100 kilo-calories. This sport engages all of the muscles and allows you to consume fat after the effort thanks to the muscle mass acquired during the effort.

4/9 - Swimming

Swimming allows you to spend between 400 to 700 calories per hour. Very complete, this sport engages all the muscles of the body, while developing muscle mass. The effort is also increased by the resistance of the water. Swimming is an ideal sport for losing weight while being beneficial to health.

5/9 - The rowing

machine Ideal for losing fat, the rowing machine remains a very complete sport for the arms, shoulders, abdominals, back, buttocks, calves and thighs. Very beneficial for health, because without shocks, this sport is very energy-consuming: a one-hour rowing session can make you spend up to 800 kcal.

6/9 - Running

Excellent for losing weight, running maintains fat loss, as well as good health and good morale. Depending on your pace and your weight, you will burn between 400 and more than 1000 kilo-calories per hour. Best Dietician in Delhi.

7/9 - Climbing

One hour of climbing can make you burn between 500 to 800 calories per hour. This practice is based on the muscles of the arms, the legs, as well as the abdominal strap are also very stressed. This sport requires flexibility, agility and concentration.

8/9 - Boxing

Boxing strengthens the whole body, especially the arms. It is a combat sport that requires constant movement. Endurance and fast movements work your cardio and your reflexes.

9/9 - Squash

Very complete, squash allows you to strengthen your heart, as well as increase your speed of execution. This sport can also be practiced with a view to improving your abilities in other disciplines.

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