Dystopian Government Conspiracies

Caitlyn Sams, Chelsea Gibson, Hannah Brown, & Sarah Mulkey

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The Maze Runner

Thomas wakes up in a metal box with no memory of who he is, nor how old he is, or even who his family is. A group of boys get him out of the box, and he finds himself in a farm with very high walls and gigantic doors. On the farm, there are no girls in sight. There are only boys of all ages. The place is called the Glade, and beyond the farm is a maze with enormous monsters known as grievers. If you get striken by a griever, you will go through a proccess called "The Changing". No one there remembers much of anything, all they know is that this is their new life, whether they like it or not. The only escape way, is to figure out the maze, and live without the grievers killing or striking you.


A fictional society usually portrayed as existing in a future time where the conditions are bad due to deprivation, oppression, or terror.
- Control of feelngs- Actions- Goverment controls


Utopia idolizes perfection and is not fond of difference in people or things.
- Seems perfect- Similar to others in the society

The Hunger Games

The Maze Runner relates to The Hunger Games because of the following:

  • The Government controls the society
  • In both stories, they had to fight for survival
  • Both stories include survival skills, mental & physical abilities, and conspiracies

For more information:

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Running Man by Stephen King

In this novel the society collapses turning their most exciting entertainment to a game show which prisoners are hunted down and killed. Do you believe this could happen in our future? The TV and entertainment of today follows peoples lives as they commit adultery, fight, drink, and kill like its acceptable so could the hunt and murder of prisoners who some find to be "worthless" really so far away?

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
The 1932 novel was written in a society where everyone takes drugs to make themselves feel better. The predictions of this book is becoming a reality faster then we think. Actors and actresses are promoting drugs in their movies and rappers and artist in their songs. In some states the feel good drug marijuana is becoming legal and is acceptable. Children as well as adults are experimenting with illegal drugs making the reality of this novel grow.

Clockwork Orange by Anthony Buressae

In this Story, violent criminals are forced to undergo a procedure to make them incapable of harming each other. Once they lose their ability to make their own choices, they lose the very thing that makes them human. They brainwash a teen boy named Alex as their first testing, and began doing the procedure to other prisoners. The prisoners are the ones who get the procedure done to them.

A real life dystopia

One of the most brutal events in history, the Holocaust can be considered a dystopia due to harsh treatment and the control from government over a group of people. Jews and other people that did not meet standards were forced to live in concentration camps and live their lives according to the rule of the Nazi. If rules were not obeyed or they did not see you fit to live your life would be taken. The government controlled all aspects of their lives including their food and water consumption, religion practices, housing conditions, what they wore and what they did every moment of the day. They were even given a number on their arm. In ever way the Jewish and other human beings that did not meet standards were controlled and degraded by a government.
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Holocaust as a utopia

The holocaust could also be seen as a utopia not because of the actions that were carried out but the actions that were intended by German leader Adolf Hitler. Hitler believed that by the genocide of millions of Jews and other humans he was leaving more room for the "perfect society". Hitler saw perfect through only the eyes of himself so to him the perfect society would not be so perfect to everyone else.
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