Antonio Vivaldi

1648-1741 Aliaa Aly

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Vivaldi's life

In 1678, Antonio was born into a large family. he had four brothers and four sisters. At age fifteen, he became a priest in 1703, he studied to be a priest. Vivaldi had a medical problem he called "tightening of the chest." today we would call it "asthma." However,his father was his only important teacher and they sometimes they played the violin together in church and that is from play the violin. After forty years of service, Vivaldi moved to Vienna to work for a former friend who was now an emperor,Charles. but Charles died suddenly from food poisoning and no one else in Vienna was interesting in hiring Vivaldi, Sadly within a year Vivaldi also died - on July 28,1741.
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Map of Italy

this is taken from the world atlas of fredreick de wit ,dated 1689. the map shows the coast of Italy in astounding detail. the island of corsic and sardina are also represented. note that Italy is shown as a variety of grand duchies and kingdoms- Italy was only truly unified in 1860 s.
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Four Season listening

This video 4 season that u can feel it with music. In each season is a three- movement work lasting about ten minutes. this music ranks among the most popular ever written. Vivaldi also wrote a sonnet to describe each season. melody is the part of the music you can hum, whistle or sing to yourself, you might call it a tune.

More music

Metre: this is the part of the music you can tap your foot to. you will usually find that the main pulses fit into groups of twos, trees.

Tempo: this the speed of the music. the speed may very from very slow to very fast.

Dynamics; it refer to how loudly or softly the music should be played.

Tembre: the specific kind of sound each instrument makes is its tembre. the bright violin sounds different from a darker-toned viola or from the deep, low cello, even if it's playing exactly the same note.

Harmony: underneath the melody are clusters of notes called chords, each of which sounds different. these chords can stand alone or they can support a melody.

Vivaldi legacy

Vivaldi hymns the best known of his works the four seasons. He was the son of a professional violinist. he trained for the priesthood in 1703. Vivaldi claimed that this was due to health problem. he has a great legacy and a great history.( he composed some 400 concertos,38 opers)

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