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~keeping you in the "know".

Our Staff Newsletter

I would like to communicate with you on a weekly basis to let you know what is happening in the upcoming week, what is in the future weeks to come, focus on celebrating the effective teaching and celebrating each other. If you have something specific that has been shared in weekly newsletters that have been productive or effective, please let me know and I am happy to add that to the information I share.

This first newsletter is giving you information about me and hoping to gather information from you. Have a winter break!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone for the warm CWES welcome. I have received many, many emails from staff welcoming me. It has been very humbling to know I am part of this caring community of teachers.

I know that I had very limited time with everyone so far but I wanted to take the opportunity to share a little bit about myself, personally and professionally.

Getting your input!

Learning from you is important to me.

You have been a huge part of making CWES a success and your input is valued and wanted. Another one of my goals (other than having to make major decisions) is not to make major changes this year. I really just want to watch, listen and learn first, so if I ask a lot of questions it is because I want to learn from bear with me.

I am asking that you take a few minutes to answer a some questions for me. The survey can be anonymous if you want it to be or you may add your name.

Below is the goggle form link.

I also would like to offer face to face times to meet with me and sit down and talk and learn about each other. I will be posting times in January.

First Faculty Meeting of the new year

Monday, Jan. 4th 2016 at 8am


I will hold a faculty meeting at 8 am in the café on Monday Jan 4. Breakfast with PTA and some Professional Learning. This will be also be a great opportunity for me to share some of my goals and visions with you. We will also be going over a few items as we get started for the spring semester.


Please have a wonderful winter break and take some time to unplug, take some "you" time, enjoy your family and friends and then spend some time reflecting on the job well done this first semester.

Please know that I am not changing the jeans policy.... please enjoy your jeans any time, just make sure they are paired with being professional. I know Anita has sent out the expectations so please continue to ENJOY!

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Week of Jan 4, 2016

Monday, Jan 4- faculty meeting at 8am- Breakfast and a little Professional Learning from TAG.

Tuesday, Jan 5- Professional Learning for some groups.

Weds., Jan 6- Students return