The Shrieking Shark

Bajet Baroody


The Great White shark positions himself under his tasty, juicy dinner, then, “ Splash!” the Great white went flying in the air catching the seal before it can can try to get a quick reflex. The Great White monster is a magnificent creature that roams the deadly seas, looking for food from head to finn. While your read through this article you will notice that how sharks move, what is on their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, and how big are these unique creatures.


You are scuba diving and then a Great White King swims by you. Don't freak out, just take your time and study this charming splendid creature. They have a great heart and they will not harm you, humans are not on the menu. Just think how great these creatures are.

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Bajet Baroody poem

Oh Great White Shark, Great White Shark

You sometimes scared me

But then i learned about you

And figured out you are harmless

You love to eat juicy seals

But not lost high heels

I hope i can see you

One day

You are the king of the ocean

And it will always be like that.

Great Shark, i hope other people understand

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In my Dirama I had a Great White Shark, Starfish, sea turtle, seeweed, coral, crab, clown fish,jellyfish, sea horse

go fish

In go fish were told to get a imaginary fish tank and make it a home for fish. I got a budget of $250 dollars. I had to get gravel, salt, tank, filter, filter cartridge, thermometer, food and decorations. Some of the decorations I got was a castle and a volcano. I spent $223.65 cents. I got Strawberry day weller, Green Mandarin Goby, Valentine puffer, camel shrimp and a red scooter blenny. I honestly liked getting the decorations the best