My Digital Day

Mario Garcia

The Morning

everyday i wake up at 6:30 because my phone has an alarm.If it wasnt for my phone i would be late everywhere. When i wake up to turn off the alarm on my phone i also answer any text and notafications i have before i start to get ready.

The Car

The first thing i do every time i get in my car is plug in my phone and play my music and while i put my music i answear and text and notifications i also set up my gps if i need it.

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The School Parkinglot

Everyday when i park at school i unplug my phone and if i have time i look at my text and notificatons and i plug in my headphones and set my music, before i walk in school.

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In Class

Before the class begins i check my phone. i often look at it for no reason knowing i have nothing to check i just do it out of habbit. if i need help on something ill often look it up before asking the teacher.

Passing Period

During passing period i look at my phone while i walk for no reason. Just so used to doing it that it has become a reflex. I also stare at it to avoid talking to people. sometimes i just look up new music to listen to.

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Second Period

I sit in the back of second period so i spent most the time on my phone hinding it behind my laptop. I like to play racing games. So thats where i play most the time.

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During lunch i sit with my friends where usually some argument comes up and we end up looking up the answer and killing the argument.

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End of the School Day

After im done packing and im ready to leave i look at my phone text people to get plans made it and text my sister to hurry to the car. I look at the time to estimate in how long i will be home.

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Parkinglot at the End of the Day

I rush to my car at the end of the day. I put my backpack in the trunk. i get in my seat i put on my seatbelt. i look at my phone put on my music text my friend that i will stop texting back untill i get home than sit there and look at funny pictures or play games while i wait for my sister.

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Before Bed

Before i go to sleep i play games. I look up my grades and i text. I look at my phone durnig every commercial for no reason just because i have nothing to do while i wait.

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