Germany's Depression

BY: Alijah Woodall

Describe how the depression started for Germany

  • One reason that people in germany were in depression was partly because of world war II which was killing lots of people.
  • A second reason that germany was in depression was because there was a limit on food,supplies,and peace.Stock Markets fell and people started to eventually loose money.

Describe the middle of the depression

  • In the middle of the depression Hitler created the nazi party by persuading people to get on to his side with his speeches.
  • During the middle of the depression Hitler had killed many Jews for one reason. To make a pure race. This race only consisted of people who weren't Jewish,had blonde hair,and anyone who has blue eyes could be in his pure race. People who didn't make the cut were sent to concentration camps and from there, they were killed. Since people were desperate for help they went to the side of Hitler.

Describe the end of the depression

  • Eventually the war stopped due to the american's, and Hitler was killed. He was causing war with the whole world.
  • Once Hitler was stopped the war had all ended so since the war was done people could get more supplies and more food to eat.

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