Texas Revolution

Angel Bond

The Texas Revolution started with the Battle of Gonzales in oct. 1835 and ended with the Battle of San Jacinto.

Battle #1 October 2, 1835

The First Battle was the battle of gonzales and only one mexican soilder was killed in that war.

Battle #2 October 10, 1835

The second battle was the battle of Goliad. The Texans had captured presidio la bahia. One Texan was wounded estimates of Mexican casualties range from one to three soldiers killed and from three to seven wounded..

Battle #3 November 4–5, 1835

The texas people captured and destroyed Fort Lipantitlán.the Mexican soldiers retreated TO matamoros. One texan was wounded. And three to five mexican soilders were killed and 14-17 mexicans were wounded.

Battle #4 November 4–5, 1835

The last offensive ordered by general Martian during the texas revolution. One texan was injured and Richard Andrew became the first Texan soilder to die in a battle.Between 14 and 76 Mexican soldiers were killed.

Battle 5 November 26, 1835

Txans attack a large mexican army.4 texans were wounded and 17 mexicans. resulted in the capture of horses and hay.

Battle #6 October 12, 1835

Texans attached baxtar and fought from house to house for five days.After Cos surrendered, all Mexican troops in Texas were forced to retreat beyond the Rio Grande.150 mexicans were killed or wounded and 35 texans killed or wounded.

Battle #7 February 27, 1836

The first battle of the Texas Revolution in which the Mexican Army was the victor.From the johnsons forces 20 texans were killed and 32 captured and one mexican were captured , four wounded.Johnson and four escaped after captured and proceed to Golaid.

Battle#8 March 2, 1836

Second battle of golaid 27 men of the grant and morris forces from the venture. 6 men were killed .6 captured and imprisoned and 6 escaped and five were killed.

Battle #9 February 23 –March 6, 1836

Mexican President Antinio lopez de santa oversaw the seige of the alamo.600 mexicans were ikilled and wounded. Anger over Santa Anna's lack of mercy led many Texian settlers to join the Texan Army.

Battle #10 March 14, 1836

Third battle of the Goliad Campaign.98 captured and 29 used as labors and 100 wounded or killed.

Battle #11 March 19–20, 1836

Final battle of the Goliad Campaign. In an attempt to rendezvous with other Texan forces, the southernmost wing of Texan army.And 200 mexicans were killed or wounded.

Battle #12 April 21, 1836

After an 18-minute battle, Texans routed Santa Anna's forces, eventually taking Santa Anna prisoner. This was the last battle of the Texas Revolution. 630 Mexicans killed, 208 wounded, 730 captured and 9 Texans killed, 30 wounded.