M3 L1 Practice-Civics

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Articles of Confederation


-The Articles of Confederation created a unified army for the states.

-It was able to build and control an army.

-Set up a legislature where each state had one vote

-Also gave the ability to deal with foreign contries


-Lack of Power & Money: The Congress had no power to regulate trade, and the National government couldn't tax. This led to the states suffering economically because each state was taxing one another and were hurting trade.

-Lack of Central Power: There was no single leader to enforce policies, and there were no executive or judicial branch.

-Rules too rigid: Laws couldn't be passed by Congress without approval from at least nine states. And thirteen was needed to amend a law.

Reason for why it was created:

I think the designers of the Articles of Confederation decided to have a weak central government in an attempt to give the people and states a lot of power. They wanted the states input about laws, and probably gave them a little bit of too much trust.