Klamath River

By: Jenna Altig

About The Klamath River

The Klamath river is a river that flows 263 miles long. It is an American river. It runs through Oregon and northern California. It is the second biggest river in California. The Sacramento is the first biggest river in California. It is the most important coastal river aside from the Columbia. Its important for the large fish migration.
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Why Its so Amazing

The Klamath river is so amazing because its amazing location, and its beautiful nature. The Klamath river is a great place to go camping and rafting. With beaches and blue sky's. It is also a great place to go fishing and enjoy the weekend.

Good To Know

When you ask your guide "how big the next rapid is?" They might say, "Its a class four." What the heck is a class four? All rapids are rated on a scale from 1-6. One means, you have nothing to worry about. You could cross the river walking if it was a class one. A class six means, you better be wearing a good life jacket. And if you aren't, then you better be able to hold your breath for awhile.
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The Upper Klamath

The Klamath river gose on for hudreds of miles, so we think of it in two sectors. The Upper Klamath, and the Lower Klamath. The Upper Klamath has larger rapids than the Lower Klamath combined. almost all of the Upper Klamaths rapids are clas five and six. The largest rapid, (and the first one when you enter the gorge) is Caldera. Caldera is a class six rapid. Caldera Is a long dangerouse rapid. It will only be fun to go down if you don't flip. And i got to say it was very fun. Then the second largest rapid is Hells Corner its also a class six. Then theres Satans Gate. Thast a class five.
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The Lower Klamath

The Lower Klamath is a much larger portion than the Upper Klamath. The Lower Klamath has more rapids and far more beaches. On the lower Klamath there is no bigger rapid than a class four. So you can still flip in a kayak. But it is very unlikely to flip in a big boat. No one doesn't really know what the largest rapid is on the lower Klamath. But most people think its Rattle Snake.
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What You'll See

On the Klamath river you will see all sorts of things. Animals, mountains, and friendly towns. Some of the animals you might see are, Black Bears, Blue Herrons, Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and so many more exotic fish. You might see lots of different types of birds, reptiles, and so much more. You will see the beauty of the Klamath river.