Empress Wu

By: Morgan Ellison


If you want to learn and explore about a piece of royalty, China, and history, then here it is. Be prepared to be encouraged by the first and only female ruler in Chinese history, Empress Wu!

The Path to the Throne

Wu,Zetian also known as Empress Wu was born in Wen Shui, China in 625. She was born into a newly emerging merchant family to the northeast of China. As she got older like in her teens she got really "boy crazy". Her first boyfriend or soon to be husband was Emperor Gaozong. But Gaozong was very sickly when she married him. Some might say she married for the attention. Eventually Emperor Gaozong had a debilitating stroke in 690. After his stroke Wu, Zetian married his third son. But unfortunately he also died sooner then later. So after his death Wu took matters into her own hands. Since she thought none of her sons or his I guess were not worthy and trustworthy enough to be Emperor she decided to take the throne! To be the first Empress of all of China history!!!

The Power of a Women

In the beginning of Empress Wu`s rule people learned pretty fast that she was not kidding. She ruled with an iron fist and was not afraid to put people to death if they threatened her ability to rule! Wu was smart and sneaky. She figured out that if she had two capitals she could escape powerful families. But that also made the Tang dynasty more powerful and successful! She also expanded the Chinese Empire majorly. But one of the biggest accomplishments Wu had was that she expanded it not only were she could but that she went far beyond it territorial limits, deep into Central Asia, and the completion of the conquest of the upper Korean peninsula! While Wu was ruling she was a strong and powerful leader but as she got older and time went by she fell down hill pretty fast!!!

Empress Wu Falls

Eventually, Wu lost influence in her last couple years of ruling. Her projects and campaigns cost way to much. Before Empress Wu knew it she was in a financial crisis! From 697 A.D. she lost influence and power and let her son take control to keep the Tang Dynasty in check. But finally her money added up to quickly were people started noticing and the people of the Tang dynasty overthrew her! Just after a couple years after being overthrown Wu, Zetian died at the age of eighty in Ch`ang- an, China. :(


But till this day she will be known for her accomplishment of being the first and ONLY female ruler in Chinese history! Thanks for tuning in that`s Morgan on Empress Wu!:)