Alex Schuster 4th hr 10-8-15


There are many different types of doctors. Emergency room, Family, Physician, etc. Each one has a different average salary. The most common doctors are family doctors. Their average salary is $164,369 annually. The starting out salary is roughly $100,000, and can get up to $210,000 with enough practice.

Perks & Location

There are many perks to being a doctor. One of the biggest is that you can get a job anywhere throughout the country at almost about any hospital with enough practice and the right skills. With that high of a salary you can afford to live anywhere, with some left over money.


The education needed to become a doctor isn’t as easy as it sounds. With a 4-year bachelor degree, on top of 4 years in medical school, and 3-7 years of residency.
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Being a Doctor

Being a doctor has a lot of ups and downs. Being able to handle tough situations, along with the death of many, is a must for this job. Dedication, passion, and Knowledge are the three keys to this job. With these three key factors, along with a lot of schooling, you are ready to be a doctor. Seeing people on a daily bases and helping them with their injuries is also needed.