A Famous African American

Anjalie nemella Gopal

Alice parker

Alice Parker is an American composer, arranged and conducting many of her arrangements were done in cooperation with Robert Shaw. She began composing early, and wrote her first orchestral score while still in high school. Her life work has been in choral and vocal music, combining composing, conducting and teaching in a creative balanced She has made thirteen acclaimed recording, most with the musician of melodious accord, a sixteen voice professional chores. her many conducting and teaching engagement keep her traveling around United States and Canada.

Sarah Boone

Sarah Boone was an African American inventor who was Awarded a patient for the iron board. Prior to that time , most people ironed using a board of wood rested across a pair of chair or tables. she was living in new Haven, Connecticut, when her patent was granted in 1892. Sarah Boone was born in deep south in summit, pike country, Mississippi in the 1860's or 1870's and died in 1900's. she wrote that the purpose of her invention was to produce a simple and cheap convenient.