What is Building Brickies?

Strengthening Families and Empowering Parents

The Purpose of School City of Hobart Building Brickies

School City of Hobart Building Brickies' goal is to strengthen families by empowering parents as their child’s first and best teachers. Every day, we advocate for families so every child-in every neighborhood- can thrive.

SCOH Building Brickies Provides A Variety of Ways to Receive Parent and Family Support

Building Brickies Bulletin

Each month we send out our Building Brickies Bulletin. These communications feature Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Parent segments along with information about the program and community events for you and your children.

Cloud Nine Playroom

Children ages prenatal through kindergarten are welcome to join us in the Cloud Nine Community Playroom at the Early Learning Center. There are weekly opportunities to join other families in the important work of children which is play! Check out the link below for more information.

Brickies From The Start

Know a family who is having a new baby or has had a baby in the past 3 months? School City of Hobart Building Brickies has a new baby gift program called Brickies From The Start which provides a developmental toy, book, Brickies From The Start Onesie and information to families celebrating a new little one.

Mothers and Babies

Becoming a mom is a wonderful and difficult life change! Mothers and Babies is a program for moms from pregnancy through your child's first year of life. Along with laughter and friendship, you can expect to get the following:

  • Ways to manage life’s stress and improve your mood so:
    • You can feel better and enjoy life more
    • You can teach your baby how to manage stress as they grow up
    • You can avoid mental health complaints such as depressive symptoms

Mindful Parent Connect Groups

Parenting is an important and sometimes exhausting job. Get recharged by taking care of you through a Mindful Parent Connect Group. This group is for parents of children of all ages. Childcare provided on limited basis during am playgroup.

Expect laughter, fun and tools to support your own well-being and emotional health as a parent.

Learning Check-ups

Once a year, Building Brickies provides a personalized opportunity to do a "Learning Check-up" for your child. This experience is based on play and conversation about how your child is learning, growing and changing over time. These check-ups allow you to discuss activities that would best fit your child's needs and if your child could benefit from further help as they develop.

Personal Visits

Ever want to have your own personal cheerleader and support as you parent? Building Brickies can provide you your own personal parent coach who will meet with you, provide activities, lead you in learning check-ups for your child and help you find the resources you need to achieve the goals you have for your child and your family. Personal visits can be in your own home, at the Early Learning Center or virtual. Each family receives a free book each time you have a visit!

Ready, Set, Go

School City of Hobart Building Brickies partners with local preschools and kindergarten teachers to create a cohort of early learning educators in our community called Ready, Set, Go. Together this cohort focuses on professional development, early learning foundations and helping our youngest citizens transition from their time at home into formal education.