1917- The US Enters WWI

President Woodrow Wilson declares war on Germany on April 2, 1917.

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Why It Was Important

The US entering WWI was significant because it changed the mindset of the entire country. Everyone contributed to the war even if they weren't a soldier.
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America's original plan was to remain neutral throughout WWI. Almost all US citizens supported the idea of neutrality. However, after news reached the US about Germans attacking Belgium and sinking the RMS Lusitania, the US had enough and entered WWI on the Allies side.

How it Impacted America and American Literature

When the United States entered WWI, the entire country was determined to win the war. Everyone in the country did their part, whether it was becoming a soldier, making clothes and uniforms, or growing food for the soldiers. Poems, diaries, and letters written by soldiers that experienced the war first hand became very popular pieces of literature. Drama also became a very popular genre during the first world war.
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