Smore Myth Assignment

By Julie Hand, Jada Wilkins and Darnell Crittenden

Pyramus and Thisbe

By Ortos


In the myth, the heroes were The main characters: Pyramus and Thisbe, because of all the hardships and tribulations they went through when their parents forbade them from seeing each other.


The villain in the myth would be the lioness due to how she makes Thisbe flee and drop her cloak, making it look like Thisbe was killed.


The myth explains why mulberries are red.

"Once apon a time, the deep red berries of the mulberry tree where white as snow."


Two young lovers sneak out to elope, but something goes wrong and a misunderstanding leads the both of them to death.


Two lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe, are forbidden from seeing each other so they devise a plan to be together. Thisbe appears dead, and so pyramis commits suicide. Thisbe finds him later on and kills herself to b with him.