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From New York, NY

Murder At Manhattan Home

Last Tuesday it is said to be that 24 year old, Mac McDonald murdered his boss Larry Page, also known as the CEO of Google. At the moment it is still unclear of his motives however, his actions seem to rest behind the desire of power. The Google company has been hastily expanding since it was created in Jan. 1996 as a research project by Page. Today, Google is one of the biggest corporations in the world. McDonald had originally started working for the company back in 2006 and has been rapidly climbing the available positions at the corporation ever since. It is said that he was working closely with Page. Also, even though we are not completely sure of this yet it was said that McDonald was to take Page's position if anything was to have happened. It is suspected that him and his close friend, James Anderson, who also worked for the company, planned out and proceeded with the murder of Page. Further information is currently unavailable at this point. Make sure you check back for daily updates about the murder!

From the Crime Scene

This photo was taken from the actual crime scene. The CEO's body was found at his New York apartment on Thursday morning, supposedly 2 days after the murder took place.

Editor's Opinion

Although we do not have evidence of this yet, it is clear that this murder was committed out of the desire for the position that Larry Page possessed. Page not only had fame and success but he was also a huge role model in today's society. He showed that with hard work you can achieve what ever you want. Clearly, Mac McDonald wanted Page's power. Instead of working hard to earn it himself, he took the easy way out and decided to try steal it from Page. However, all this did not turn out how McDonald planned because now instead of taking the head position, he will be taking into police custody for questioning. This crime is a perfect example of how a dangerous amount of ambition for power can deprive a person of true success and happiness, especially in today's society. Even in the rare chance that McDonald had been able to get away with this crime, he would still had to live with the guilt of killing Page, one of the most admired barons in the business world today. Here we see that with his desire for power he ruined his own life.