My Masterpieces

Tena Fransioli's Best Technology Project's of 2015


Childrens Book

I wrote a childrens book for children who are around 5 years or older, I made this because my brother is 5 years old and was at the time learning how to read. When I showed him what I made he really liked my book. It was difficult to come up with the right words to rhyme with others, and to make the words simple enough for little kids.


Photo Editing Project

This project showed my photo editing skills and even taught me some skills. My favorite one was editing the picture with my sister posing in a beautiful dress and me looking through the telescope. This assignment makes me want to look into photography and photo editing since I enjoy working with computers a lot.


¨Who Am I¨ Project

We created a blog about ourselves on this project. I had added pictures, videos, gifs, and many more things to my website. This helps you with future jobs, and hey how many people can say they have a website about themselves? Not Many!


Stop Motion

The stop motion project took a long time for me and my partner to make but it was fun. We came up with some pretty creative props to use for our character. I think the hardest thing about this project was to think of a plot and to keep my props in order.
Stop Motion Video


Tagul Word Cloud

This project was a cute assignment that shows who you appreciate and remember the ups and downs of your life. I want to make a phone case or a pillow out of this word cloud, it's just so cute!