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What's New in Ms. Marshall's Class?

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Student of the Month

The focus for the last month's awards was on being helpful. Alexis and Caleb filled out job applications and were "hired" as classroom leaders. These two students are so responsible! They get their own work done and do extra duties that help me to manage our class by keeping things organized and running smoothly. Way to go!

Click on the link below to learn more about classroom leader jobs and submit an application.

This month, in honor of Valentine's Day and Black History month I told the students that "I'm lookin' for love in all the right places". Carmen and Angelina actually got the reference as I sang the song. After the giggling subsided I explained about the difference between romantic love and brotherly love (feelings of humanity and compassion toward one's fellow humans).

Writing Contests

Each month I highlight reading and/or writing contests that I find on the internet. I have found four contests for the students to enter, and I encourage them to work on this when they finish their work early. If you come across a contest for kids would you email it to me? I am always on the look out for opportunities for the students to showcase their talent, get recognized and win prizes.

My Current Events Essay Contest

Breaking Barriers Essay Contest

Fairy-Tale Mash-Up Art & Writing Contest

Mick and Caleb entered a contest this month!

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English: The Hashtag is Mightier than the Sword

The term "Hashtag Activism" refers to the use of Twitter hashtags for internet activism. We read an article about the public outcry over the female Jedi being excluded from the new Star Wars Monopoly game (#wheresrey). The class was really interested in the topic, so I decided to find some more hashtags to be explored.

In the lessons that followed, I wanted the students to not only get some additional practice on identifying the main idea in non-fiction text, but also see how the Internet can be another form of non-violent protest. The discussions about the main ideas of the articles that I heard happening at each table was amazing. I was really impressed with how the students were able to discuss controversial issues, about which they had different opinions, in such a scholarly way.

I introduced the class to Pharrel wearing Native American clothing in #nothappy, we looked at affirmative action in #staymadabby, and racial profiling in the media in #iftheygunned me down.

A Valentine's Day Extra Credit Project

I don't think we will get to use the computers for the next couple of weeks and I hate for this fun activity to go to waste. If your student wants some extra credit in English class check out this Valentine's themed Hyperdoc. Send me an email or a text message through Remind if you have questions.

Important Dates:

Feb. 4th @5:15 Boys' Basketball (home)

Feb. 8th No School (Lincoln's Birthday)

Feb. 12th First Semester Awards Assembly for Honor Roll and Principal's Honor Roll

*Invitations were sent home with your student if they will be getting an award at this 8:30 assembly.

Feb. 15th No School (Presidents' Day)

Feb. 17th Digital Learning Day

Feb. 18th Science Carnival @CMS from 5-8 P.M.

Feb. 22nd @4:15 Boys' Basketball (home)

Feb. 24th @4:00 Boys' Basketball (home)

Classroom Donations

Student store items: Snacks, school supplies, tape

Our Donors Choose: We are trying to get 10 Chromebooks for our classroom. Right now Carquinez Middle School has a total of 25 Chromebooks that are shared among 12 classes/teachers. These 10 Chromebooks would make a huge difference in our classroom. Please help us get this project funded by clicking on Donor's Choose and donating or sharing our project on social media.

I love the looks of surprise and amazement that students get when technology is infused into our lessons. I also love the opportunities for collaboration that can happen with this wonderful tool. Please help us get our project funded so that we can experience this kind of awesomeness on a regular basis.

Get Timely Updates Between Newsletters by Signing up for Remind

I also love making positive phone calls home through remind. If your child has done something great I want to share that with you. If we have homework that comes up, I want to let you know. If there is a test coming up that your child should be studying for, I will text you. If your child is home sick and you want to know what they are missing, you can text me. Remind is a great way for us to have constant communication about your child, but unfortunately less that 50% of my students have a parent/guardian signed up for this service. If you are using Remind and it has been helpful, will you let other parents know about it?