Pandora's Pterodactyl

Science of Evolution

Since the discovery of a new planet, Pandora, we have found some animals some what like earth. We have sent many of our troops and scientist to Pandora to study and learn their environment. We have stumble upon a animal that has similar characteristics as earth. Pterodactyl that used to exist on earth now looks similar to another animal on Pandora that we call a Mountain Banshee. The Mountain Banshee's skin varies in colors from indigo, blue, teal, green, purple, orange, brown, and sometimes a mixture. The length of their body is 13.9 meters compared to a pterodactyl that is 10 meters. Their hollow bones are connected to their lungs, which allows cool air to enter in their body. Mountain Banshee has two legs, and four eyes similar to an eagles. Mountain Banshee's eyes varies in color like the body. We have found that a Mountain Banshee is heterotrophic, meaning they eat anything that is meat. They could eat a Na'vi if they really wanted to, but they mainly just eat Stingbats. They use Pandora's gravity in order to fly and guide them through the air. Mountain Banshees are used with the Na'vi in order to hunt/fight for what they need. Now knowing that such an animal used to exist on earth exist on Pandora, we have some evidence of evolution.

Shu-zi Tran

Science of Evolution expert. Graduated with a masters degree in 2025. Works for the U.S. Government