By: Mrs. Lowenthal

This Week I am excited to announce 3 guest writers who have received the Golden Coin!! Jennifer Nam, Keira Yu, and Rhys Bernstein

Keria- I was really happy and surprised when I saw a golden coin in my ticket box. I did not know if my eyes were joking! I realized that I had really got the golden coin. It was my best day ever!!!!!!

Jennifer- I was so exited what I should do with it! I decided to get something from the prize bucket. I thougt it was fake but it was real I was filled with joy!!!!!

Rhys- it's been great sins i got the goldin coin. you can use it for enaything you want.

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Oh Latkes...Oh Latkes

We worked together as a group to create yummy, delicious latkes after completing our week of Hanukkah studies as well as reading Grandma's Latkes.

Using QR Codes to solve different contractions

And the Honor Goes Too...

Xtra Math completion awards
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