Hansen Hand Wash

By: Mathew Tang

What is this?

Hansen Hand Wash is a special event where we will be raising awareness of the importance of washing our hands. Our goal is to make sure that everyone understands why we should be using soap to wash our hands. Also, we will try to make sure that everyone at RHSS stays clean to prevent sickness from spreading inside of our school. We will also be hosting some activities to try and get you guys involved.
Here is our specially designed logo:
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Where and when will we meet?

  • Thursday, January 22, 2015.
  • Room 116
  • We will most likely start at 3:45pm, but students are welcome to come directly after school.

What will we be doing?

Some activities may include:

  • A game of Jeopardy
  • We will all work together to make a video to show RHSS what we learned.
  • We will make several posters to hang up around the school to get people involved.
  • We will be donating bars of soap to different schools, so we ask that everyone bring one bar of soap each!
  • Lastly, we will be talking about the importance of hand washing.

Don't miss this special opportunity! Be sure to drop by!

Rick Hansen Secondary School

If, you would like to bring some friends, make sure you give them our address and directions!

Why is hand washing so important?

Hand washing is proven to be one of the most efficient ways of protecting yourself from diseases. It's very important to wash your hands with soap regularly because it can prevent certain types of diseases, it will keep everyone else clean and safe, and it saves a lot of money. Many diseases/viruses/infections can spread through dirty hands. People who do not wash their hands will most likely become sick because there a lot of germs on their hands, and they eat, rub their eyes/nose. This will cause the germs to spread and multiply all over their body. For example, rubbing the eyes with dirty hands can lead to trachoma, a disease that may cause blindness. Keeping your hands clean not only keeps you safe, you keep other people around you safe as well. If you wash your hands regularly, then your hands will be clean. That keeps other people clean (assuming they wash their hands as well) and safe because you wouldn't be giving them a disease/sickness. For example, conjunctivitis or "pink eye" is a common infection that spreads through physical contact. Another reason why hand washing is very important is that it saves a lot of money. Many people would disagree because buying soap on a regular basis is not considered saving money. However, getting a disease and treating it is much more costly than buying soap. This applies especially to the people living in poor countries because they are not able to afford medical treatment and that may lead to death. In conclusion, everyone needs to understand that hand washing with soap is very important in terms of health and money.

How will we know if our plan has succeeded?

We will know if our plan of spreading the word has worked or not because of the students of Rick Hansen. If there are many students who are sick from an infection/virus, they probably don't wash their hands enough/at all. Also, we will know by watching how the school itself reacts. For example, if the bathrooms offer more soap, we will know that the school is doing their best to encourage students to wash their hands. Another example would be that the school offers more hand sanitizer. Rather than seeing a few containers of hand sanitizers around the school, we should see several near classrooms. Also, if our plan worked, we would notice that the soap/hand sanitizers would be running out faster than usual, meaning people are doing their best to stay clean. If our plan to educate students didn't work, we would see the same amount of people who have pink eye or a type of sickness. Also, we would see that many of our posters have been torn down/ripped because that would mean that people do not care about what we are trying to tell them. Therefore, the school's/students' actions will show us whether our plan failed or succeeded.
Here is a short video to show you the importance of hand washing:
Put Your Hands Together