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This page contains the new topics of study for the spring semester, as well as a calendar. The calendar is updated before every new unit with current due dates and assignments. I have also provided links that may help students review.

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Class Schedule: Judicial Branch Unit

March 3: Analysis of Article III of the US Constitution

HW: finish graphic organizer if not completed in class

March 4: Structure of the Judicial System

March 5: Judicial Review

March 6: Supreme Court Process & START OF MOCK COURT


March 7: Mock Court Research

HW: Mock Court Research and Prep

March 10: Mock Court: Write Oral Arguments

HW: Practice Oral Arguments

March 11: Mock Court: Oral Arguments

HW: Start Opinion Piece/Study Guide

March 12: Time to work on Opinion Piece

HW: Start Study Guide

March 13: Test Review

HW: Complete Study Guide

March 14: Test

HW: Finish Opinion Piece

March 17: Opinion Piece Due In Class


Helpful Links

The Judicial Unit includes a full mock court. In the mock court students examine a current case. The Supreme Court has heard the case, but not decided it. Students must research the case. After research students will write what they believe they outcome should be. The case used in the mock court is Town of Greece v Galloway.

I have listed some links which may help your student with research.

Why a Mock Trial?

Mock Trials are a great way for students to gain critical thinking skills. Mock Trials teach students research skills. They also help students learn public speaking. Students must learn to analyze information.

I have attached an article to further show the benefits of mock trials.