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Choice Activities

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Option 1

Do you need one on one help? Do you want someone to sit with you and show you how to update your course page? This is the option for you! Theresa will sit with you one on one and answer your individual questions about setting up and using your eCLASS course page.
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Option 2

Are you adding content, calendar, and updating your widgets and you want to know more about eCLASS? Are you interested in using eCLASS to differentiate? eCLASS is a great tool for giving students choice! Becky will sit with you and show you some tips and tricks for using eCLASS to differentiate.
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Option 3

Do you need some help setting up your Digital Cyber Days? Would you like for someone to get you started and walk you through the steps? Theresa and Becky will sit with you and help you set up your Digital Cyber Day lessons so that they are ready to go in the event of school closures.